Blue Box Game Studios informs fans on the development of abandoned

The announcement and development process of the next Game Abandoned were for the least difficult. Which started as a mysterious announcement quickly degenerated in conspiracy. Blue Box Game Studios even had to argue with assumed fans to stop sending death threats.

Blue Box Game Studios recently gave fans an update of the development of their next game. The concept of the game, which is for the moment nicknamed abandoned, has changed several times. This resulted in a chaotic development process and missing deadlines. The PS5 dull application published in August was probably affected by that.

La théorie de BLUE BOX Game Studios, Kojima et Silent Hill !

The whole process has been a learning experience for the development team. They work hard to try to avoid the mistakes they have committed in the past, which can mean to remain silent while working. However, they intend to publish more content for this PS5 application.

Blue Box announced its intention to publish a technical demo on the Real-time Experience application in the new year. They also say they will publish the prologue, which can be the same as the technical demo, but we will have to wait and see.

It would be really crazy if all this was actually a Silent Hill game, although they are categorical about the fact that this is not the case. I like a long scam though. Let’s hope we will see a clear picture of what abandoned in 2022, which will arrive at PS5.

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