GTA Online How to get free all items by Christmas holidays

Video game One (previously MTV Video game One; in the pilot as MTV Players) is a previous German television program for video and computer video games, which has been known, to name a few points, for its humorist presentation of video games as well as phenomena of video game society. In 2011, the website of the program was granted the Audience Honor of the Grimm Online Award. On December 22, 2014, MTV revealed the hiring of the program, the last episode 307 was released on 24 December.

It shows that Santa Claus has dropped through the GTA Online Saints, because during the next days all players will have the opportunity to get a good handful of free items. For that reason we have prepared the following guide so that you know what you should do for all.

How to get all items for Christmas parties for free

The first thing you have to take into account is that the method to add all objects to your collection is the simplest, since will only require you to connect to the multiplayer of GTA V at any time before December 29. As easy as that.

Only why you will take you the clown fish mask, in case you want to give a peculiar touch to your character, along with the festive red t-shirt, that will undoubtedly set you perfectly. And it will not be the only garment, because another one that is being given is The Baseball Bate shirt that pays tribute to this GTA III weapon.

On the other hand, if in your garage you have the bravado Banshee car you will be happy to know that by the simple fact of playing these days you will receive the Covers Yogarishima and Subaru for this vehicle in question.

The icing on the cake puts it a complete explosive pack, in case you are more to fly everything through the air. More than anything because you will find a pyrotechnic cannon with 20 fireworks, 25 adhesive pumps, 25 grenades, 10 proximity mines, 10 Molotov cocktails, a shield, so you do not suffer damage and some snacks to take something to your mouth while You enjoy the show.

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