ESO: All manufacturable item sets at a glance – with locations

The MMORPG ELDER SCROLLS online has now got a lot of updates. Until the end of 2021 and with Update 32, new manufacture item sets have always been added. We From Mango show you where you can find the associated craft stations.

In ESO, the item sets (sets for weapons, equipment and jewelry) are different from locations or whether they are manufactured. The categories are available:

Manufacturing sets
Sets from dungeons
Sets from exams
Sets from arenas
Sets of the open world
PVP sets

In this article we deal with all manufacture sets inside and outside Tamil.

Produceable sets with areas and number of properties

So that you can produce part of equipment set, on the one hand, of course, you have to know the desired property itself. On the other hand, the production also requires a minimum number of already analyzed properties. We have created you all sets up to Update 32 Headlands once as an overview:


These craft stations are a bit more complicated to achieve. You have to enter these places over a portal in the respective guild. Visit the magic girl or the martial guild in the capitals of the territories, where you will find a portal.

Important prerequisite: You must have completed the quest series of the magic girls and the martial guild in order to achieve the place Auger and the arthritis at all.

You will find a portal for arthritis

Schnittermark (Knurl’Khan)
Rifts (Rift)
Bangkok (always)

Here you can find a portal to Auger

DeShawn (Grandest)

acquires adjustable set benches for writing bills

Alternatively, you can place all craft stations in your home. For this you have to acquire adjustable craft stations in the wrote retailer, which you find in the main cities of the alliances. She will receive writing certificates as a reward for crafted master writing.

If you have landed only recently in Tamil, then just asks in the community or zone chat. Many helpful players have every craft station and allow them to use them too.

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I hope you helped you with the overview at the next round for making master-written. For an overview of all events, our ESO event ticker will be pleased. We will always update them in the coming year, so you are always up-to-date.

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