FFXIV Heavensturn 2022: Start Date, Free Product Design and more JT Isenhour

It may seem strange to say that the new year has delayed. But for Final Fantasy XIV is Heavens turn event, which is exactly the case. Similar to Patch 6.01, Havens turn will also receive a slight delay from its regularly planned publishing window. This delay gives the players time to experience everything that has added end walker to the game so far, including the new Raids. A few new event objects will accompany the return of Heavens turn. In addition to the new items, some items return from the Heaven tour of the previous year. Let’s go through when you can count on the return of the Heavens turn event of Final Fantasy XIV and what it will bring about?

When does HEAVENSTURN start?

Heavens turn returns a few days after the end of Starlight Celebration on 31. To Final Fantasy XIV. This means that the event will start on 5 January after the publication of Patch 6.05 on January 4th. This release date gives the players a lot of time to complete the new RAID and prepare for the Savage version of the Raids, which comes with patch 6.05.

Which items can you get?

While the objects of the previous year are offered on the 31st on the Molestation for sale, they must conclude the short quest series associated with this year’s free items. This year’s articles are a helmet with two variations and a beautiful wall divider for accommodation. The helmets are headgear in samurai style with a tiger head on top. The wall divider resembles many Far Eastern designs and also shows a drawing of a tiger in a mountain.

To get these two items, you must complete the event quest series in Limits Louisa’s upper decks. The NPC for this event is the same place as many other event NPCs, namely on the marketplace of the Upper Decks. You will find the place at x: 11.5 y: 13.9 or directly southeast of Maelstrom’s main building. The event quest rows are usually not so long, but if you stay stuck in the end, read our other guides.

FFXIV: Heavensturn 2022 Event Details

Final Fantasy XIV is available for PC, PS4 and PS5.

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