Adventurer Well came to Wizardry Gaiden Five Trials, I should pay to the King of Most Moon. 【Play Repo】

In this feature article, 59 responsible for the Studio development, in a team that rainy day Game Spark Publishing is the publisher, led the early access release at Steam in 2021 December 17, Steam masterpiece 3D dungeon RPG of 2006 introducing the edition Wizardry Garden five ordeal. Among them will continue to touch the Children of the full moon king.

When this work was announced, adventurers veteran of excitement in many places has been seen here and there. Such a historic this time the title, when I got the story from the editorial department as Do you want to write the preceding Purebred also serves as a referral?, I thought in very honored.

However, when honestly confess, degree of understanding for the The author series all less than amateur. I was encountered in Dashiki phenomenon, and I’m sorry bug in the editing part unaware of the promise, such as by skipping the throat message had Toga shame CSU red.

Therefore, this article is about rather than be described in detail the system, I think let’s proceed from the perspective that while advancing the scenario as a beginner Do not do to adventure in any feeling?.

In everyone of the order if the reader, if you have Come is more to this work interested in the little threshold, but there are stepping on high likely…… and the second thought, enjoy the world of Wizardry Garden five ordeals by all means together Let’s Mara in. And is now placed in professional of everyone of a dozen years, the rare play of the author to be barraged, I am happy if I have you watched in the whether generous your heart. If you want to know about the system please and simple manual article.

It should be noted that the present play because it has been done in the development version of before early access start, but there may be a different place from the current early access version, please understand.

main start

Now start the game. Immediately it came to the castle town. Verbose it seems but begins here masterpiece of yesteryear 3DRPG life first play, is the first step now.

The initial members it is an orthodox lineup. Humans and elves at the level 1 of the 18-year-old, Apartments, such as men and women half-and-half, such as dwarf. already feel the drama from this you around a row.

Well, I have decided to gather information on the prowl for the time being the town that did not know why good from here. So I found was of the tavern in the castle town you are now, by using inn, shops, a facility such as the church, or collect companion, resting Dark, or outfitted, that we can or revived. In other words here, Will function as a so-called base. When I do the RPG experience to around here, I feel that it is making that can be more smoothly understanding.

After completing the preparation, to the Labyrinth (Dungeon) entrance on the outskirts. Come to think of it, as the first place of the question, why I do not have to be a labyrinth search in this world.

The answer was in Kawabata issued to the castle (?). See Come examine the magician Subaru in the forest of ruins with. In addition to this annoying neighbor, it seems to me to pay a whopping up to reward the person who caused the courageous action (soft expression).

expense to the increase New Year’s Eve season, ship timing to downright over. here earns one shot put away, is a good small civic life to seek the half seal of delicatessen department emergency…… Let’s rid, is a labyrinth search start!

incarceration in the Labyrinth!

In order to take to task the t…… Now Is the magician dreamed of get-rich-quick (?) Came was novice adventurer line.

Since When you open the camp screen can change the order of the party (after PT), was turned for the time being to the rear guard two people of the system recite like the image. Avant-garde fight in the melee weapon becoming a wall, the rear guard is Some hit the magic hidden in the shade, is a strategy that.

Movement within the labyrinth keyboard or, go in the arrow icon click with the mouse. Because the scenery is like none, occasional eyes slipped their orientation become not know was quite scared. After somehow, but when try this now from the atmosphere of the map, you remember the Hover! That came with the Windows95. Hey different.

By the way, to clash with goes forward toward the wall I get a playful comment that Ouch!.

When you want to go back to the castle town, we can escape in the horse-drawn carriage back to the starting point. Na do it That’s I go back to briefly base! Although I thought the first place tend to get lost on the way back to the starting point. Also, there is the auto-mapping function set, the map is not seen to freedom, also of Nantes wallowed in the labyrinth can not grasp the positional relationship quite common. And if or attacked there in demon, it is to get used to map was quite a hard time.

enemy is relentless battle

As you Oslo literally the map, you may find the door of such a tree. Something different is I think there’s room?…… and try to enter into with curiosity and,

sudden combat. magnificent BGM and a crisp sound effects began. Demon appears even walking down the map, but waiting usually is thus at the other side of the door. carelessly thing helluva If your exposition. Kokomo is not related topic, music of good this work a good bar and combat love in Tsubuzoroi.

Command type, such as whether the battle flee whether cast a spell or attack using a weapon, or protect themselves. Demon in this time Fortunately seems not yet aware of the existence of here. Appreciated! Destroy shoot an enemy in the first strike Let’s decorate the spectacular first battle.

and, bandits I thought is instant death. Here I was noticed at last, this work is that there is no basic pardon for our users (praise). Carefully take-home gait in the tutorial, if a little to achieve the mission, Tamara reward raving about as much sky as another exaggerated Surabaya! I do not here Dante world of….

This game will come to kill the user style… It felt personally wonderful. When I because to play in private to work opener, with minimal production of such movies, thing called side-by-side with the death along with the game…… among other things start to fight thoroughly with a simple rule that’s the helpless love. What I like is kind of board game also probably because probably there is this kind of mind.

For that reason have advanced in groping in the dark as in the present work, enemy comes to kill mercilessly as Hello! Die! Style is favorite food as get a drool. Upon this article writing was advanced to the clearing of the scenario, but it was fun about in the top Junior five in the game play history of until now.

trap of treasure chest

Now, you may find a treasure chest and win the battle. There is almost always except the part or rather, experience and money you will receive by opening. But this also if one tries to open without thinking, to just a trap is to activate Congratulations! Die! Will be exterminated. So, we may actively use the thieves by being able to determine and release the trap with a high probability.

However, because we in the previous battle has become a people that does not come back is a thief, does not have a reliable Sedate for identification and released. So, here it will be that the name is get open in Bishop done just chosen simply because it referred to European writing the Stylish (unreasonable).

Is a trap mechanism was not…… simple sentence, but you can easily imagine how Bishop was flying Shiva’ at the same time as I opened the lid. In this way the effect of this work, there is no such basic fancy effects, and the only enemy of illustrations and character information.

To adventure Tan of this work is that only a few of our players born a variety of drama, is not perhaps become rather excessive more production. Again, maximum of stage effects in this minimum is about favorite food personally drool.

and witch to die hit by Hokusai mercilessly in the next treasure chest. In this state, you once withdrawal because the annihilation and Goyururi.

We’ll have revived in the temple

It is novice adventurer line, which returned to the town in the Ta way. Thief and witch became dumb corpse was brought to Hashish temple. And this temple, familiar you in RPG, it is the church system that performs a revival of the character.

But hell of Crazy also used to say well and as soon as gold, do not pay donations and can not be resurrected been reviled as the apostate Me!. Moreover, in some cases, a large amount and the percentage will be required. Things Do is unspeakable, and good business Ya want. Learn obtained from here, adventure is carefully promoted, it is likely to need to knead the strategy that you do not die easily.

Anyway, Lets revived from bandits. Entire whisper…… prayer…… chanting……!

Why……? We do not hide their surprise that there are further ahead of status than death. exactly what this is and attributable to ashes. if I was accustomed to user-friendly game of recent years is you say even the greenhouse grew up soaked in warm water. It would be good. If over there is so inclined, here is chanting the words of the front return but Ola and prayer alone witch. Hokusupokusu following omitted……!

No So I asked the revival. Do you have finished up anything without permission cremation. Moreover, because smoked have paid a total of this, you must Kinsey with the remaining members. Or demon.

We glean a small change in the labyrinth while defiantly. Large animal…… just good integral showed up to there, eight per also serve in the different get sacrificed.

I notice the clues Cheats

Since then, is wiped out several times in the trial and error repeating the data initialization, it has been known as contour touch of rules (?) In this work little by little.

This is my personal survival strategy in only this scenario, anyway early on, safety was important to avoid unnecessary battle until it is secured. to grow character is searched for in solid walk, strategy that immediately retreat If you suffered damage even a little.

In that sense, it is possible to restore the magic power (MP) in the courtyard of the plaza fountain that found a did exactly what equal to found a lifeline. Thanks to this use unlimited fountain, even without purchasing the MP recovery items at the store, I began to any number can use the magic.

We secured a foothold in this way will begin leveling of new rice PT. Do battle as long as allowed by the remaining physical strength and magical powers in the Labyrinth, retreat with room to spare. After the recovery in Izmir also combat. When the accumulated experience, stables (the lowest rank of the free room) of Machado level up stayed at.

Because of which Noway experience value starts to become salty, and invasion to different area (correct representation). At that time, if Is you just absolute win no level of nemesis, the repetition of…… by switching to yet another hierarchy. Then, when growing up in tough character to withstand some degree of continuous battle, we proceed with further search. I basically had to adventure in this cycle throughout.

Well Kokomo it killed mercilessly still.

Let’s make a new character

Members Whenever die in the labyrinth, the revival of the donations collected scramble the Labyrinth To…… Dante Will a consumption nasty local production for local (confusion). Anyway, like other for the revival of one person is to repeat because death is putting the cart before the horse to capture previously.

So that the rescue team, decided to make a new character. Once you decide on the name, we will choose race, gender, personality, the occupation. (Please note that the profession that can be selected by the personality is different)

Yes! That’s why we’re new Hero! Warrior SPA RUN has been born. Human 14 years old. Now that this boy who does not rely on this boy will later support PT until the story clear, Mobile Suit Z Spa will be, who would have been forecast at this time? By the way, it is only here that it was named while being able to enter Japanese.

? What is the way of bishop…?

It is not the meaning of the meaning, and in the middle of leveling, we have become a contract with an abnormality in the middle of leveling. You have to pay money at the church to cure paralysis. Although the sorrow of the annihilation was avoided, it is possible to restore the warrior who is the essential battle. Therefore, we set up a bishop (male) on the shaft and reed and started a gold measure. However, if you are beating up the enemy, and you gradually beat it…

Bishop’s character has changed from good to evil. That’s why I don’t think it’s lightly… The character of the personality is a bad character, the partner with PT is limited. Therefore, Bishop, who has only assembled with the thieves, has become a sober who is isolated at PT.

It is lonely to try to see the bishop that has been raised so far. So when I checked the capture information for the wisdom of the former, I found that when a friendly demon appeared, choosing the other option and the opposite choice, it turned out that the good and evil changed. On the other hand, the bad fall this time, The cause of the question was unused until the earlier.

If so, this time, the palm will be given out by the shake hands. However, so it’s not so easy to have a friendly demon, so the door is in front of the door and leaves many times and leaving the escape over and over again. Sometimes I hit the fist in eight perfectly, and after a lot of friendly bonds, Bishop was safe to return to sacrifice.

Solve the mystery of the labyrinth

Dead and revive and ash… It was a leisure life, but I finally grew up PT members, so I finally walk around the labyrinth to solve mystery. Speaking of which, it seems that you can only end the battle and forget the original purpose.

Such a suspicious tree told by Serene to say such a row. I was killed as a magician to hear the story, and I was killed by a magician The fruit of the former Eastman king. It is said that children have been fixed somewhere in the castle. Sometimes that magician is sitting in a livable castle, is it originally about the castle of the King of this Serene?

Anyway, this conversation has decided on the other policy. Solve a magician and solve the curse of the king and his family. This adventure started for gold purpose, but here It reached the great lot of people helping.

This translation starts and started. Look for rooms from one end, investigate and find hidden doors and release shortcuts. Under such circumstances, there was often a mystery attention to the door. ○ or d or something. For the time being, I will take a show and replace a note by saying something mystery.

Sometimes I arrived in a certain room while being annoyed. A battle began by an example when the door is missed. It is a boss game that is different from the BGM and different from usual. There are 7 more. If it is an absolute boss… and the wizard trying to hit the maximum firepower, A wrinkle killed all the long swords.

Is it surprising and weak boss? And when I go ahead while tilting my neck, this time, the humanity of the hostility is attacked by the human beings……, you are a magician!

Misleading! Death! A flash of the wolf. In the early stages, I was killed by hitting the highlight power and killed. This is not the way of fighting….

For the time being, a muster (?) Is twisted, and let’s return to the town and reward. Everybody, the king of Current became a dead tree, and the Magician in the forest was the end of the person of the person, the end of the report, the end of the report. Yeah, I did not get it. Apparently children don’t help to help.

Volume of the mystery scratch

When I was selling unnecessary items at the store, I realized that mysterious items, which will be a mysterious item, which will be a Demo Cybernetic, which would be a good deal.

Speaking of which, More was obtained when you twist the magician. For the time being, when equipped Do you open the SP? is displayed. What is SP…? Although it is in the state, it is open for the time being.

Then, ) of the symbol next to the item name was attached. This is an integrated…?

Here, I remember the mystery warned and the symbol written there. If this happens this way…? (Netgear Consideration to the Mystery Solving)

Oh, I put it in the room.

In addition, if you solve the mystery in the labyrinth and go ahead, you may also meet a small animal like an image. It is cute, tonight pot…… It was not something like this? If you guess from the Word of Carney, this animal is also…? (now Netgear Consideration)

In this way, a series of adventures that solve the mystery that clue items and sentences that are scattered in various places may be the best part of this work. Well, I’m getting a very mental power because it runs away from the demon that strikes, but it is still a great sense of achievement when I got the response that the story went ahead..

Even if it is killed several times after that, an adventurer one row that will make it hard to get stronger and get stronger. I can not say new rice anymore. So each member has given a new name for the flowerbed battle. This is nothing scared.

………………………. A good place for this work to kill forgiveness without mercy.

in conclusion

Such a time to play this way, I finally had a story clear. I also mentioned a little even at the beginning of the article, but if the door is not found on the way, This is a display bug! If you report it and report on it. It is good to put the light with magic… It was often guided, and it was often a red-shame….

Anyway, I think that it was so long and played and played with the heart was a long time. No matter how unreasonable eyes, it is beginning to start and play for any time. This work is full of such a mysterious attraction.

Above all, even if you have a dense play experience so far, you just cleared one of the five trials (scenario). There are four more… What is a big volume? It will not be an exaggeration to the RPG that can be played for a long time.

Historic games have also had their own depth and dense energy. If you read this article, you may not be bad to try to experience a little of a series of people who are interested in a bit. Okay, I’m not scared. If you put a little foot, you’re like a swamp that will draw down to the shoulder.大 大 大 大 n n n い い い! (Pressing the back)

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