A screen imitating the flavors you can lick

You never have to watch video game food and think… yeah, I want that. This special and deep desire to tear a fantastic steak well cooked or bite on an oversized magic fruit. These Cats de Monster Hunter make excellent leaders, after all…

Apparently, this desire is important enough to justify technological development. TTT TATTY (TTT) is a prototype of what could become your next game monitor. Certainly, it would take much more support from the game development studios to be used in this way, but the fact that These chances are non-zero is… interesting. And very tasty too.

TTT works by coating the screen of an infused film of different amounts of 10 flavors. A kind of how computers simulate colors by mixing red / green / blue to varying degrees. All is designed to be as hygienic as possible, of course. Do not share it with a crowd, but solo use should always be appropriate.

Objective is to allow people to have the experience of something like eating in a restaurant on the other side of the world, even remaining at home, said Home Mishit, the University Professor behind TTT. He has been working on this project for a year and evaluated the cost of a single unit at 100,000 yen. It’s a bit below $900, for reference.

Japanese lickable TV screen imitates food flavours, creating multisensory viewing experience
The main use of a project like this would be in the restoration industry. Online order would be much easier if you could pre-taste your food. Even in person, the ability to taste food before buying it could be a great way to optimize your order. Although the use of technology in games is still far away, it’s easy to imagine where it would go. For some games, it just seems to be a natural fit!

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