GTA Online: All Bonus and Discounts from December 30 to January 5

The Electronic Entertainment Expo 2018, better understood as E3 2018, was the twenty-fourth edition of the Electronic Entertainment Exposition. The occasion was arranged by the Enjoyment Software Organization (ESA), which took place at the Los Angeles Convention Center from June 12 to 14, 2018.
The E3 2018 will continue to supply public gain access to passes to the event, after its first deal throughout E3 2017. Nevertheless, to solve the problems of overpopulation in the Pavilions of the exhibitors, E3 2018 will open for 2 days with exclusive access for the sector for a couple of hours prior to allowing public access to the exhibitors. Only those with free flows and openly inexpensive business passes will have the ability to participate in these special hours. 1000 of public passes, called Player Passes, cost $149 USD and the rest of the public passes were marketed At $249, in order of arrival. These passes, in addition to service passes, went on sale on February 12, 2018.

GTA Online Discounts, Bonuses & News (30th December 2021) - GTA 5 Weekly Update Guide №108

Rock star wants us to celebrate the arrival of the New Year as it is due. That is why during the next days in GTA Online you can participate in a multitude of activities to get many rewards, although discounts and other surprises have also been enabled, as we are going to review in the following guide dedicated to everything that is coming during The week from December 30 to January 5.

All bonuses and discounts from December 30 to January 5

Before entering details, something to highlight is the fact that Mammoth Military Patriot is already on sale. A huge vehicle to which you can install technological modifications to convert it into an unstoppable machine when you go down the road.

Podium vehicle

Those who do not prefer to leave the rooms in cars and prefer to try their luck in the Roulette of Fortuna should approach the casino The Diamond Casino & Resort. By participating in this mini-game it will be possible to get money, snacks, clothes or podium vehicle, Vapid Slam truck.

items to get free

If you want to have the guarantee of doing it with items without depending on the luck or money you have, there are some that you can get free during these days, as we explained in the following guides.

How to Get FREE Blue Bright Sunglasses And Bright Party Necklace
How to get free Car Ocelot Car Custom

Rewards and additional bonuses

We arrive at the time of indicating what are all the game modes that will allow you to scare you more money and reputation points of the normal. The list is not especially small, so when you have a free time you have to play all this:

Safety contracts and murders on request : Franklin Clinton will request your help to complete security contracts, which will allow you to earn double dollars and reputation points. And if you enter Tasks, you will carry out a murder on request you will take an additional bonus of $200,000.
Special merchandise sales missions and VIP jobs and challenges : To earn money you do not have to depend on a single business, so take advantage to give out the special merchandise with these activities that will offer you twice as many rewards.
Resurrection : In this peculiar game mode, the purpose will be to eliminate all members of the opposite team, although killing an enemy will serve to resurrect a partner who has been dejected previously. Regardless of the result, you will receive twice a dollars and points of reputation.
Tiny Racers : In this circuit a bird’s eyesight, a good chaos will be mounted, but participate worthwhile, given that only for that reason you will get double the rewards.


In the offers section we find that all executive offices, special merchandise stores are discounted 40%, while its updates and improvements remain 30% less than usual. Along with all this there is another series of vehicles in which a good discount has been applied :

B-11 Triforce — $2,280,000 (before $3,800,000, discount of 40%)
Bravado Vernier — 417,000 dollars (before $695,000, 40% discount)
Dina Jester RR — $1,379,000 (before $1,970,000, 30% discount)
Ocelot XA-21 — $1,543,750 (before $2,375,000, discount of 35%)
Vegas Mentor — 471,250 dollars (before $725,000, discount of 35%)
Wehrmacht Cypher — $1,085,000 (before $1,550,000, discount of 30%)
Vapid Dominator ASP — $1,065,000 (before $1,775,000, discount of 40%)
Western Rogue — $957,600 (before 1,596,000 dollars, discount of 40%)


We ended up with a gift for all those who are subscribed to Prime Gaming and have linked their account with the Social Club de Rockstar Games, since only therefore will receive $100,000 for connecting to the game at any time these days.

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