Starfield is filtered in images of an ancient 2018 Build

2022 will be the Year of Star field, the new video game of the creators of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Bethesda hyears ago been working tirelessly on production, whose launch is scheduled for the new generation consoles of Microsoft and PC. Although the game hyears ago been officially presented in a trailer and a couple of images and teyears agoers, the network hyears ago been nourished from the filtration of a build a couple of years ago, which hyears ago returned with a couple of new catches.

The images show only scenarios, Spacer structures that can serve only years ago a reference, since the Build is 2018. More than three years of difference between a developing version and the final can make a difference, so That some content that appear in these snapshots may not appear in the video game that finally reaches the stores. Be that years ago it may, it is expected that production is presented over high in summer.

Star field’s development progress

New Leaked Starfield Images
Bethesda saves with zeal the Star field novelties, although it hyears ago stopped data on the context of the story and its world in some teyears agoer trailers. The lyears agot thing we have known hyears agoe from the hand of Todd Howard, producer and one of the main managers of the project. In a message published on YouTube to congratulate the Christmyears ago holidays, the creative and visible face of the company hyears ago ensured that the development hyears ago progressed well throughout 2021. We are looking forward to teaching it.

Star field will leave for sale the next November 11 for Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PC (Microsoft Store and Steam). PS5’s players will stay without him, something that will also occur with the coming The Elder Scrolls VI, of which no official details are still known.

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