Player in Destiny 2 proves that you do not need legendary equipment for the new dungeon

Player In destiny 2 spend a lot of time to delete blue equipment and items. They clog the post office and the safes and must be deleted regularly. However, when the player and YouTuber Holdenagray had recently been to delete blue equipment, his wife brought him to an idea as she asks, Did you ever play something only with Blues Solo?

He did not have him. Normally, as a player in Destiny 2, one will only focus on legendary, so purple armor and weapons. They offer the strongest values ​​and options for their own builds. Blue items do not play any role in the endgame.

Unless you take care of the challenge of his wife, invests 8 ascendant fragments in blue equipment and takes to play the new dungeon so-called the greed immaculate.

These blue weapons were used in the immaculate run of the new dungeon:

Weapons: Hollers IV (Kinetics Bow), NOX CORDS II (Arius Fusion Gun) and the Arius Linear Fusion Rifle Königscobra 4fr to use particle design.

Combined Holdenagrabenade Still Blue Equipment and Mods:

Prophet Snow — Arius Helmet with Resilience Mod and Linear Fusion Gun Ammunition Finder
Prophet snow — Arius arm protection with discipline mod and a linear fusion gun loader

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Abbott Tau — Arius Chest protection with load capacity MOD, Arius damage resistance
Abbott Tau — Solar leg protection (discipline mod, fusion rifle plunderer, linear fusion rifle plunderer)
Stagnant blame, empty sign (particle decomposition, resilience mod)

Due to the fully blue equipment he had not only a big disadvantage when using his skills. He could also rely on no strong exotics in weapons or armor. His setup was completed by the Blue 150 Sparrow Athena, the victorious.

Even though it took almost two full hours to complete the new dungeon, he managed to end after a few first failure attempts. How exactly this successful run ran, he shows you on YouTube:

His tip on Reddit to other Destiny-2 player: You just have to try further and sometimes realize when you have to change things.

What does the community say to the subpowers Run?

The Destiny 2 community has respect for his attempt and ultimately successful completion of the activity. Many players have long been trying their spotless run and fail with legendary purple equipment and the best exotics. Even if it is possible, it is not easy.

Player Gbrew555 says:

Great job !! It really shows that most Eve content in this game with every loadOut [playable are playable] (and of course with the right amount of skill!)

And provocatrixless, also Destiny-2 player, finds:

The downgrade on blue equipment requires that you are good, but most people would never play with blue equipment. The average player will have some good purple equipment and weapons and is thus able to all. […] Top Meta is overvalued, and you do not need the upper 5% of Goth roll weapons plus catalyzed exotic loadouts [to be successful].

Players love special challenges: By the way, this is not the first run, in which player deliberately rely on weaker items to prove that the best keepers in Destiny 2 do not need a perfect Gear to succeed. Especially esoteric (via YouTube) belongs to the players who like to go a step further. As early as 2019 he played a dusk completely with green equipment.

And even at the Sparrowstrecke, esoteric in the dungeon so-called greed has already taken evidence that you do not even need a sparrow to create the encounter.

The hunt for perfect Gear does not make you feel better: One has shown this run: It is not always the Gear, which makes a good player in Destiny 2. The better a player becomes, the unimportant will also be his equipment. In addition, players will always try to exceed the boundaries and give themselves more difficult tasks. This always creates the bar for impressive performance.

What do you say about the run? Do you find, that’s a special performance of Holdenagray or can that basically every player? Would you also trust you?

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