WhatsApp change at the blue hooks? What is on the rumor is

At WhatsApp is currently a rumor the round. Allegedly, the messenger works on introducing a third blue hook. Now the beta portal expresses itself.

Germany — Is there a third blue hook at WhatsApp? Numerous WhatsApp users have apparently been informed about a corresponding update. The message is only a rumor, white screenshots.

WhatsApp rumor: Third blue hook informs allegedly about screenshots

How to Disable Two Blue Tick Marks in Whatsapp Read Messages

With a future update, then it says, the messenger soon supposedly developed a third blue hook. This is to be displayed, according to the message, always when a chat partner makes a screenshot.

Currently, there is known two hooks: A gray hook appears when the message has been sent, she arrived, appear two gray hooks. If the receiver reads the message then, the hooks color blue — unless a user switches off this function (news around digital on screenshots).

Fake news about WhatsApp: No third blue hook in planning

A third hook informing about screenshots sounds useful — but the update will not exist. Like the beta portal Wabetainfo now announced via Twitter, the message is a false message.

WhatsApp does not develop a third blue hook to recognize screenshots, the portal makes a tweet clear. And continue: It is fake news.

WhatsApp: Caution, behind fake newspeak phishing attacks can be mixed

Whether the notification is only a harmless rumor or a fraud attempt, apparently not yet determines. As the experts of newest.DE and CHIP.DE explain, it is not possible to exclude that behind the fake message a phishing attack hide. If you get such a message, you should therefore remove it immediately.

As Newest.DE in memory calls, it happened more frequently in the past that false reports were exploited about alleged WhatsApp updates of criminals. An example of this is the supposed new blue design of the messenger. Behind this message hid a perfidious phishing attempt. screenshots is part of the editorial network blip.media.

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