ESO: 3 exciting information to get the new content 2022 on the track

In a video clip, there is presently an initial glimpse into the new phase of the upcoming LCS. On January 27, from 21 pm you can stay in the angeteaserten unveiling event of Bethesda situation be (using Twitch). Silent waiting is hardly feasible in the ESO area well.

In a brief teaser video clip there were first outlook for 2022 in MMORPG Elder Scrolls Online. In the video clip, mostly ships are seen in stormy seas. It is not yet understood where specifically it goes. Mango writer MiezeMelli has the ESO Map viewed to figure out more precise.

What proof exists already

I questioned after I’ve enjoyed our very first post on teaser video, first: Just how specifically do they concern the Breton’s? Is justified this mainly with the architecture of structures as well as the armor of the individual at the end of the video clip.

To Reddit conjecture already flowing that the new chapter will be particularly put the Breton’s in the foreground. For this you can in the short article ESO: New intro is the initial insight into the materials 2022 — Provides well Breton’s to concentrate extra on experience.

The shield might reveal a Breton crafts design. That the players can have made Reddit, actually. However, Breton architecture? That appears to me but little far-fetched one, what you get to see the trailer for the little structure.

Right here you can see the video itself even search YouTube:

1 . Unknown locations on the map Tamil give info

Possibly we discover hints in the video game itself what we are still waiting for the impending year. In addition, I have just as soon as taken our widely known map of Tamil under the microscopic sense. There are still some areas that we can not get in. Someplace there must lead us to the following chapter.

A clue we have for sure: The area is located on the shore. This can be seen from the stormy sea in the video and, probably identify the waiting character, which overlooks the sea.

If we consider this notification and orient ourselves a little at the idea of some players that the Breton style can be seen in the video clip, after that relocates complying with area ahead:

Listed below the locations of the dagger loss alliance, between the desert and Alike’ r Hews curse. This area surrounds the territory of the partnership that includes the Breton’s and has, on the western side striking amount of stretch along the coastline. Or lead us out the next chapter of Tamil?

The Next Elder Scrolls Chapter is located right here…

South of the watercraft no. 1, additionally in the far west of the map an additional ship layout can be seen. The following area that is still obscure, the area in between the desert and also Alike’ r Hews curse. Possibly this validates my assumption?

If you can hardly wait, after that our article will offer you 9 things that the MMORPG ESO 2022 urgently needs to make a way to distract you. And also maybe you also uncover wishes for the year’s just opened up year, which relate to yourself.

The following location that is still undiscovered, the area between the desert and also Alike’ r Hews curse.

Some locations are not in Tamil and outside Nine. There are locations to which likewise uses.

A crucial note is additionally that the island is covered with snow, so it can be assumed that we are located there in the north of Tamil. An island that has actually not yet been stated is north of East March and is also unknown to us.

In the ocean you will find a couple of scribbles over again. Are these make only beautify the map there and also want the vacant sea active or are they perhaps a lot more?

What I personally find extremely fascinating is the start of the video clip. The photo then goes into an additional scene and the design ship changes right into a genuine ship at sea.

Does the brand-new phase actually bring us among these locations? Or maybe it will not happen on the landmass? What is your anticipation? Did you see a detail that left us? Create it right into the remarks, we wonder!

shuttle bus no. 4

Cold Harbor
City of motions
Remote grave
The dead Nations

A third boat we discover in the North-East, also right in the edge of the map. Under the ship design is a terrific unknown territory.

Some areas are not in Tamil and also outdoors Nine. There are areas to which also applies. Thus, the area is called, is not part of NIR and Tamil. Here can be discovered yet difficult proof whether a brand-new phase location in 2022 is to join.

This area borders both DeShawn, shadowed, along with dark research and cloud moor. The component of the location at the height of the boat likewise has a damageable route on the shore.

East Vvardenfell beside as well as beside DeShawn as well as rock Falls is a strip of land, which we do not yet understand. Northeast of the area we have likewise not recognized Islands: A bigger island bordered by 2 small islands.

boat no. 3

The last boat lies southern of the 3rd ship. The next unidentified locations are over the area alongside Vvardenfell, which we have called for watercraft no. 3rd Yet there is another unknown location near the ship.

watercraft no. 2

One point I am extremely certain: The ships as well as seafaring also have a unique location in the video clip. Yet an additional falls on something if we focus specifically on it as well as look at the card once more.

3 . Exploration about lake?

2 . Orihuela the video game designers or long thoughtful note on the map?

In the north-west, in the edge of the map, you can see a drawing of a ship. however, the surrounding locations are understood to us. There, the blade autumn Partnership is.

shuttle bus no. 1

In addition, the ship is tailored in the direction of an island, therefore relocates to this. Which mysterious island is?

These areas lie in the so-called Aurubis. Hence, the location is called, is not component of NIR and also Tamil. Here can be found yet hard evidence regarding whether a brand-new phase location in 2022 is to join.

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