CS: Go Jump Throw Bind Setup Manual

While winning games in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive mainly runs out to click heads and place bombs, learning the effective use of tools can really make up the difference that drives them into the CS: GO ranks upwards. However, it’s a thing to simply throw utility around, but learn how to start it best to win a round is another.

The knowledge of the best grenade assemblies can be what a successful execution on bombing distinguishes a spray down on the CT page, and many of these set plays use what is known as a jump threw. Draft jumps give your standard lineup litter extra power and height, which means that you can achieve more distances and can perform your throws from safer, more reliable angles.

The use of the jump can mean that you can block access to a site before the T-page can get there, or refuse a critical sight line for the CT page of the AWP, all from the safety of T-Spawns. In addition, binding lends its throws to special reliability and consistency, which means that the jump and throw actions are perfectly synchronized every time — you will never disappoint your teammates with an out-of-bound smoke.

But how exactly do you set up CS: Go jump litter binding So that you can nail these smokers somewhere? Continue reading to find out.


CS: GO jump throw-binding setup

The best way to set up your own CS: Go jump throw binding is to create a configuration file in your CS: Go directory. It is a simple process, which means that the executable action is loaded at each start within the game. Without this, you would need to enter the console command every time you play a match, and that’s just not comfortable, right?

What you need to do is open the Notepad application on your PC and save a file named , autoexec.cfg ‘ in your CS: Go Steam directory. This is usually in C: Programs (X86) SteamsteamAppScommonCounter-Strike Global OffensiveCSGOCFG.

If you have done that, open the file again and enter the following text: ALIAS + JUMPTHROW + ​​JUMP; -Attack ; ALIAS -JUMPTHROW -JUMP ; Alt + jump throw bind

The ‘Alt’ in the last section is the selected key you want to use to run the jump litter action, and this can be changed to the most appropriate key for you. The ALT key is a good option as it is located next to the space bar on which most players store their thumbs up, so they are easily accessible, but each of the extra mouse buttons or something they can easily achieve too much exercise, would work well too. All you have to do is simply replace the bold bit through the key you choose at the end.

After selecting your specific key, save the file and check if you are in the right place. Then you want to go to your Steam library. Next, right-click CS: Go and then navigate to the Properties window. From there, make sure that you are on the General tab. Now you have to enter this text in the Start Options section: + Exec autoexec.cfg

This ensures that CS: GO executes the command in your Autodetect configuration file every time you start the game, so you can jump to your heart’s content.

The jumping bond can really expand your benefits and inadvertently win more games than you think. Did you ever have problems finishing with an opposing owner in the middle of the Mirage window? Now you can only turn it on seconds after the spawn. Would you like to smoke Xbox on the new Dust2? Now you can easily thank to the jumping bond.

You can also use the Autodetect configuration file for all other console commands that you want to insert into your CS: Go experience. It may be practical to create purchase commands — where you assign actions such as buying an AK-47 or a defusing kit to save time — or even things like the quick change your crosshairs or changing your view model from the right to left hand. However, the jump weave is by far the most popular and one that you will find in the game of invaluable value.

To set up your own CS: Go jump worm — now you are ready to meet the server again and impress all your friends with some clever new grenade sites that bring you on the next step on your way to global elite.

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