ESL and Partner CS: Go teams extend Louvre

The ESL (formerly ESPN, formerly utilized complete name Electronic Sports Organization) is the trademark name of the Perfume E-Sports Company ESL Gaming, which consequently is a majority of the Swedish media business Modern Times Team. It went out in 2000 from the German Claudia (DEAL) established in 1997 by Ralf Rather, established today’s managing director, as well as various other companions, and is thus the oldest brand name in the E-Sport of its kind worldwide. The ESL does not operate today as a league, however as the organizer of various events and leagues in over 50 games. These consist of specialist competitions or competition series as well as leagues like the Intel Extreme Masters and the ESL One Series. In spite of the market-leading position of the ESL, the competition coordinator has been composing red numbers for years as well as partially drives two-digit million losses per year. Although ESL has existed for more than twenty years, it still uses as one of the most innovative coordinators worldwide.

The ESL has the Louvre Agreement, a coalition between the tournament organizer and 14 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Teams shaping the development of the ESL Pro League until 2025 extended.

The Louvre Agreement was originally created in 2020 with 13 teams, including Astral is, Team Vitality and Fanatic. This dropped to 12 teams, as 100 thieves have the CS: Go scene left last year, but supplements by Big and Curia was expanded to the 14 teams that agreed to extend the partnership for another three years. Heroic is intended to join the Agreement in the second half of 2022.

The Louvre Agreement has become an attractive partnership, which applies more than 40 companies when ESL opened their doors for new applicants last year. The combined buy-in-bids of the three successful teams — Big, Curia and Heroic — loud ESL on nearly $20 million.

The extension of the agreement ensures this team the places in the Pro League for the next three years. According to a press release, there will also be opportunities for higher revenue for partner teams and a tangible engagement to support CS: Go-e-Sports in North America, a region in which a number of remarkable organizations have withdrawn from the scene. Including the 100 thieves mentioned above.

The Commissioner of the ESL Pro League, Alex Ingot, says that the partner teams have agreed unanimous to extend the Louvre Agreement.

While the 14 teams already in the Louvre Agreement and the Heroic, which will be added soon for three more years, confirms an ESL speaker opposite The PC Player 24 that the partnership expanded 2025 to further teams can be. They say that this would be again carried out by a request to submit suggestions from ESL, similar to expansion last year, not through individual applications of teams.

The current 14 teams are astral is, Big, Complexity, Evil Geniuses, Once, Fazed Clan, Fanatic, Curia, G2 Esports, Mouse sports, NATU Sincere, Ninjas in Pajamas, Team Liquid and Team Vitality, where Heroic will be added this year.

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