The settlers: The reboot lives, but is changed differently

Blue Byte GmbH (previously Blue Byte Software GmbH) is a German computer game growth business established in 1988 by Other Schmitt and also Thomas Hitler, based in Düsseldorf. Because 2001, the framework comes from the French publisher Ubisoft. The firm was mostly cited the Great Courts, Fight Island as well as The Settlers. Today, Ubisoft Blue Byte is made up of 3 advancement workshops: Ubisoft Düsseldorf, Ubisoft Mainz as well as Ubisoft Berlin, while Blue Byte functions as a legal name for the 3 studios.

There are finally new information about the settlers, but unfortunately none, the fans will get particularly good.

For a very long time it was quiet around the new the settlers. In 2018, the game was announced on Games Com. At that time it was said that it would be a classic starting game again, after Blue Byte with Champions of Santeria, which was originally the eighth main part of the series, and then has been decoupled later from the series, more towards action role playing. One had even brought the the settlers creator Volker was on board. The views were good. But then the reboot disappeared in the recess. Except messages about shifts there was nothing left to hear, let alone see.

At some point we stopped believing that the title will ever appear. But now Ubisoft has brought him from the sinking and announced that he will be released very soon: On March 17, the time has come. Some of you will be able to play the settlers even next week. From 20 to 24 January, a closed beta phase is running for which you can register on the official website.

But before you decay in great anticipation: The new settlers will not be the game that has announced Ubisoft and Blue Byte three and a half years ago. From a complex setup game, a real-time strategy title has become a focus on slaughter. It still means that there is a multi-layered infrastructure and economic system, but the trailer and other info speak a clear language. It’s about building an army and destroying your enemies with her. The little idea of ​​the series has little to do.


The settlers will provide a campaign and a so-called onslaught mode. What exactly it has on himself is not known. In addition, online battles for up to eight players are possible. You decide for one of three peoples: the Earl, Mary and Born. The settlers play in a fantasy world, accordingly, the political groups have no historical basis. Each party has its own, special military unit and special features so that they differ playfully from each other.

The settlers are based on the Snowdrop Engine, which was developed by massive entertainment and has so far been used in the The Division and Mario + Rabbis Kingdom Battle. On the screenshots and in the trailer, the game looks quite pretty. Whether it will meet with his reorientation with the fans of the series on appeal, we dare to doubt.

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