Deep Rock Galactic celebrates huge success thanks to PS plus and people love it

Deep Rock Galactic was a kind of secret, but those days are now over: Since then, the co-op fun for PS4 and PS5, but especially plus a bonus has been released as a free PS, he enjoys great popularity. Six million fans have been added, currently is set up inside with over 10 million players a new record. And the new mining dwarfs seem to be almost amazed by the bank.


Deep Rock Galactic gets through PS Plus six million new fans

What’s Deep Rock Galactic? In Deep Rock Galactic is a fun co-op titles that can be played with up to four people. It slips into the role of various dwarf classes that reduce raw materials or fulfill other missions underground. However, while they make all sorts of aliens life difficult. Here you will find our Gamer games idea:

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Deep Rock Galactic is a true co-pearl and currently at PS Plus

Here you can look at you a Trailer

cracked New record: Since the beginning of the year there are Deep Rock Galactic for PS4 and PS5. The best thing though: If you own a PS Plus subscription, get the co-op hit until the end of January as a bonus and completely at no additional cost. The move makes just that the game cracks a record after another. The developers in have now announced that a total of ten million mining dwarves were achieved. By PS Plus six million had been added new fans (via: Push Square).

When we write fans, we really mean fans

On the web, the voices of people who is a Deep Rock Galactic pile thanks to PS Plus for the first time have played here and love. The unanimous opinion: Deep Rock Galactic makes you feel good, even alone or with strangers. Really awesome the digging and shooting action, however, if you play it with a friend inside.

On Reddit, the Rock and Stone! Pile — comments, but a lot of people express their enthusiasm in other ways, such as Redditor ap3erd:

Very fun and great game. I just can not stop playing. Every time my PS5 is concerned, I play it. I really recommend all to try it at least once.

(Via Reddit)

Subarashii2800 even goes so far:

Whoever does not play the really missed a very fun shit.

Count Jo shoo writes:

My crew is completely addictive and the community on Reddit is great. Rock and Stone!

Also, on Gamer many comments suggest the same line. For example Schroeder writes:

Deep Rock Galactic you should definitely try out. Especially with friends. This is my most played multiplayer game and that does not come from somewhere. The missions make really fun and are each a difference thanks perfect randomly generated caves.

Market takes a similar view:

I played the title already relatively long on Steam, and it is by far one of the most fun can best and Coop shooter, one provided with the graphic style and thousands of spiders make friends beings. Playful is the whole phenomenal.

Deep Rock Galactic was actually already in 2018 published version of Access as early and then in 2020 came regularly for the PC and Xbox One. Between these two versions, the co-op game can also be played in the Crossly, with the PS4 and PS5 version unfortunately does not work. Bring the developers inside but always new content recently, the first regular season has started. So could possibly sometime even more Cross Play come.

How do you like Deep Rock Galactic? Heard about the six million?

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