Pokemon legends: Arceus gets radically different

There was previously probably no other Pokémon game to the fans with so much excitement and skepticism looked like Pokémon Legends: Areas. With a feudal setting, a semi-open world and more tactical combat and catch-mechanisms, the RPG will breathe new life into the series and new challenge long-established coach inside.

Whether this succeeds, we can tell you, of course for release on January 28 in our Gamer test only. First, we could see 13 minutes new gameplay at a press event and can now already set out again, how legends: Areas from previous Pokémon games is different — and why reminds us the RPG in many ways to Monster Hunter.

The most important facts:

  • Release: 28. January 2022
  • Genre: RPG
  • Platform: Nintendo Switch

For an overview of legends: Areas you also give Gamer colleague Ann-Kathrin in video form:

Structure of the Semi-Open World

Legends: Areas takes us into the His region, a feudal world, centuries later form once the Singh region from Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum from.

The special this time: The His region is a semi-open world , that consists of several large, free-roaming areas, which we achieve by cheering village. A small medieval town and the starting point of our quests and jobs (see the next point more).

In terms of game world-structure, the Pokémon RPG reminiscent so hard to Monster Hunter World , and not only that: As in Montserrat RPG is any area in the region His a particular habitat associated in which specific Pokémon frolic, Thus we find in a coastal region increased water Monsterchen before, in the snowy mountains, however, we begin lovers cooler temperatures such as Ice Pokémon.

Jubilee Village — Our Operations Base

The previously mentioned town cheers village serves as operational base for our adventures. Here we not only visit the hairdresser, buy us new clothes or items, but also take quests and orders.

quests are the focal point of our trip. With this we are not only the story continues, but also earn Pokédollar and bring the completion of our Pokédex ahead.

So the tasks work for the research Squad: In the gameplay video, we were able, for example, see how our main character fulfills missions for the research squad. This is a small group of researchers in under the direction of Professor Laverton we help in exploring and cataloging Pokémon.

For this, we deny quests, where we catch Pokémon and determine more with special attacks, so find out for example their size, weight and favorite food. Then we give a research report when Prof off and bag of money one for which we buy new items again. In addition, we can also perform tasks for the emergency squad and medical corps. As the quests are designed, we do not know yet.

We In addition to start small village in cheers orders of the residents inside His. This may consist of simple summary tasks ( find item XY ), or we will be asked to capture certain Pokémon or defeat.

Of course This smells strongly of once Openwork typical fetch quests that could play desolate because of their uniform structure in a short time. Whether our fears materialize, we will not know until we keep the game in his hands. To date, we remain skeptical. The research tasks sound in any case significantly more exciting.

cheers village, NPCs and more you see in this trailer:

crafting / production of Items

Also new: Pokémon Legends: Areas pushes us a simple crafting system in hand. So we keep exploring the His region not only look out for Pokémon, but graze the meadows, forests and snowy landscapes also for materials from. This we find on the ground right in front of our feet, perched on trees or wedged in rocks that we must destroy a Pokémon using.

The materials we can use at any time production item in a minimalist crafting menu. We build Poke Balls, smoke bombs or healing items us now all by yourself — and they are essential for the Poked.

fights, catching and Stealth

As in sword and shield we again see wild Pokémon directly into the game world. Classical random encounters have legends so obsolete Areas. The way how we approach the monsters and capture it with the ultimate Poke Ball, but differs significantly from earlier offshoots:

  • We need to watch the Behavior Wilder Pokémon exactly before we approach them. Some are frightening and run away, so we have to put in. Some other Pokémon are aggressive and contact us immediately on visual contact.
  • To capture a wild monster, we do not necessarily have to start a fight, but can directly throw a football.
  • Alternatively we can fight very classically against Wild Pokémon. For this we spin a Football, in which our poke partner is located, on our destination and start a fight.

Items are the A and O: The smoke bomb already mentioned above is only one of many items that we now need for the Pokemon catch. Similar to Monster Hunter, we now have to prepare for the hunt now and crop our items on the different behaviors of the Biesterchen.

We need a smoke bomb, for example, to put us in a dense cloud of smoke and to prepare us in particularly frightening specimens. Gourmets like Anton, however, can also distract with a simple berry. We just throw on the little monster, let it eat comfortably and take the opportunity to capture it with our Poke Ball.

And how are the fighting? Still lap-based, still after the well-known stone scissors paper principle, and still there are four attacks to choose from. An element is new, because we are now fighting in two different styles:


  • starch style: A Pokémon attacks with great effort. Attacks are stronger, but we can only attack in a round
  • Tempo style: Attacks are somewhat weaker, but our Pokémon can attack several times in a round

Styles should give the Poke friction a little more tactics and drafts and are changeable in the fight at any time, so some dynamics arises. Do you still remember the paradigm shift in Final Fantasy 13? How much you can imagine the principle. As the styles ultimately really affect combat events and whether the game is actually more complex and especially challenging, of course, must still show.

The new 13-minute gameplay video can you now see you here:

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Pokémon legends: Areas appears on January 28, 2022 exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

An even more detailed view of the game world, the gameplay and the new mechanics we throw in our large Gamer review article for the RPG.

Now the Gamer Community is in demand: Are you looking forward to Legends Areas? How do you find the new approach of the RPG?

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