Counter Strike has a professional team with 60-year-old players

The X video games are separated into summer and winter season competitors. The wintertime X games generally locate in January or February, the Summer X games typically held in July or August.
From 2010 to 2013, X-Games happened under the term Global X Games for the very first time outside the United States. Places for the wintertime competitors were Aspen and also Tines, for the summer competitions For do Iguana in Brazil, Barcelona, Munich as well as Los Angeles. At the beginning of October 2013, ESPN revealed, for economic reasons, the worldwide spin-offs outside the USA. The summer X games occurred from there in Austin/ Texas and also the wintertime X games in Aspen. The Olympia park Munich GmbH, with which events were contractually agreed for 2014 and 2015, checked a claim for damages as a result of the temporary cancellation. In 2017, an irreversible location outside the United States returned to the Winter X-Games in Norway, as well as later on likewise found The Summer-X games recycled abroad, on 1 and also 2 June 2019 in Shanghai. Because of the COVID-19 situation, the Summer X video games of Minneapolis, which ought to have taken area in July 2020, canceled, while the winter months X video games were still accomplished in Norway in March 2020.

Well they say that for video games there is no age, and this competitive team of Counter Strike: Global Offensive is a clear example of this. It is about Ageless Shooters , Equipment formed by three women and five 60-year-old men who have been competing professionally for the last two years.

AGELESS SHOOTERS was formed in 2019, and not only have stood out for the age of its players, but also because they have won several local tournaments of cs: go. Oleg , one of its founding members and was previously a military doctor of Ukraine , reveals that these last months have played close to 218 games, gaining more than half of them.

Anyone who plays CS: Go with 63 years is a person of the 21st century. The game and this age are absolutely compatible. It is a link between generations.


According to Oleg , he began to play thanks to his children, who introduced him to the world of CS: Go. Oleg I was already retired, so he decided to do something useful with the time of him, and eventually became a game professional.

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