FC Schalke 04 | Transfer Flop clears: “S04 still believes in me”

At FC Schalke 04, he was not happy at all, was considered one of the great losers of the first round with the royal blue. Now Dries Routers should collect a lot of game practice back in the Belgian home and then dare his second attempt at Schalke in the summer.

In conversation with the Belgian newspaper He Nieuwsblat, the defensive man reported his difficult first half-year in Gelsenkirchen. In football, it’s not always how you want it, said the 24-year-old, especially in terms of his health.

After his summer transfer to the Bundesliga relegation, this made him several strokes through the bill. After being thrown back due to injury during the preparation phase in July, Routers had to pause on Schalke almost two months in autumn because of an ankle violation.

At this time, the release-free new entry of ARC Genk had just brought three mandatory games for the scarce. Since September, he had stayed completely without use for S04 and was then awarded back to the Belgian Verse Class A to KV Mechelen at the beginning of the year.

Routers is still under contract until 2024 at the FC Schalke

When I was fit again, it ran well at the team and I did not come to the team anymore. Since you can see how important a good preparation can be, the Belgian reported from his personal journey of the season in the fall, which he’s logically speaking completely different had introduced.

The project FC Schalke 04 is not completed for Routers, but despite the lending, the left-end of the left-footed opposite the newspaper: Schalke has indicated that you still believe in me, but I need many minutes now, I hope so many times as possible Games to do.

KV Mechelen is currently in the Belgian Eliteliga on the seventh table space and hopes to reach the championship playoffs.

The loan business is currently still running until the summer, then Routers still owns a contract until 2024 on Schalke.

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