CSGO: Luken returns to 9Z Team, enters Dav1D from Paquetá Gaming

9Z Team is one of the Argentine organizations that you are knowing what to talk about in several ESPORTS. Among them Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, where it points to Europe with a renovated set of players. In addition to the signings, he highlights the passage of Brazilian Bruno Bit Lima to the Role of Analyst.

The new CS: GO formation has a pair of punctual settings. After the exit of Santino Try Rival on January 8, rumors were reinforced about the return home of Luca Luke Adopt . The Argentine was part of the Violet in 2019 before playing with Shark Esports until October 2020. Since then, he remained inactive, with appearances at an exhibition game and a weekly circuit.

There was also talk about David DVD Tania Maldonado , Educator of Parquet Gaming. He started his career in 2019 and participated in Red Can ids. He participated in regional circuits, as well as qualifiers for IEM Fall South America and Dream hack Open September 2021. Chilean will pass from Brazil to the Argentine club that is in the mouth of many.

On the afternoon of January 21, the team of Francisco Frankfurter Postilion announced all the news for the current season. Confirming the arrival of Luke, DAV1D and the BIT change to the technical body of the CS Division: Go.

Bringing experience and hunger for glory, Luke and DAV1D complete our main CS: Go team. Two gladiators who add up to the violet rows to leave everything in Europe, is read on publication on social networks. Previously, 9Z Team expressed its intentions to compete in the major European leagues, having their first opportunity in the IEM Winter’s qualifier. He went well stopped in the first, but Team Spirit sentenced him at 7th -8th place on October 18.

This is the official 9Z Team for this year:

  • Franco DGT García
  • Maximiliano Max González
  • Martín Box Molina
  • Luca Luke Adopt
  • David Tania Dav1D Maldonado

The violet reinforcements will play the ESL Challenger 48 , one of the phases to enter the ESL Pro League. It will take place from February 11 to 13.

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