NFL Divisional Playoffs: Tennessee Titans vs. Cincinnati Bengals und Green Bay Packers vs. San Francisco 49ers im LIVETICKER

Probably the best weekend of the NFL season is! On the first day of Divisional Round, Tennessee Titans first receive Cincinnati Bengals. Following the San Francisco 49ers meet in Wisconsin to the Green Bay Packers.


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NFL Wildcard Playoffs: Tennessee Titans vs. Cincinnati Bengals in LINEBACKER

Tennessee Titans vs. Cincinnati Bengals

| result | 1. Quarter | 2. Quarter | 3. Quarter | 4. Quarter
Tennessee Titans | 0 | 0 | | |
Cincinnati Bengals | 3 | 3 | | |

1. Neighborhood: Three-and-out on the other side! In Second Down there is confusion in the offensive line of the Bengals. Isaiah Prince leaves Harold Landry pass virtually without contact – bag! This launch will both have Offenses differently.

1. Neighborhood: Defensive battle ?! The Bengals bag Tanneries at Third down after Henry was able to get only one yard in two runs. How did you do that? Cincinnati brings four rusher from the left side of the line and drop simultaneously Trey Hendrickson in coverage. Four Rusher on one side are too much for the Protection of the Titans. Strong design of defensive coordinator Lou Antrum.

NFL Wildcard Playoffs: Tennessee Titans vs. Cincinnati Bengals – Bengals Field Goal

1. Neighborhood: The Bengals not start Hot Stuff. Except a pass in the flat for Joe Nixon’s not much in Cincinnati. In the end, the guests lucky that a sack of Jeffery Simmons because of a pre-snap penalty shots do not count. Cindy starts with a field goal. That the Bengals too many drives with field goals to complete instead of touchdowns, was an issue already last weekend. 3: 0 Bengals .

1. Neighborhood: interception! What a start! The Titans begin with a play-action fake to Henry, with his throw over the middle to Julio Jones but Ryan Tanneries overlooks Jessie Bates. The Safety flies zoom and picked the pass. What a mistake from Tanneries!

NFL Wildcard Playoffs: Tennessee Titans vs. Cincinnati Bengals – Kick-Off

Before the start: Let’s go! The Bengals kick first, so the Titans start with the ball on offense.

Before the start: The cooks Nissan Stadium in Tennessee. Especially the starters were presented for the hosts, of course, as a last resort: Derrick Henry! In a few minutes it starts.

Before the start: Small fashion info: The Titans go today in their dark blue jerseys with dark blue pants in their home game. The Bengals put on her all-white outfit. To keep the teams apart, so it should ever be a problem.

Before the start: In the first game, the Tennessee Titans to the Cincinnati Bengals meet. Can Derrick Henry immediately dominate again on his return? How does Tennessee Joe Burrow stop through the air? Here you can find our extensive preview of the game.

Before the start: Eight top teams, four games a weekend! The Divisional Round is considered by many NFL fans as the best weekend of the season. Are you already hot?

Before the start: Welcome to today’s news from the most games in the Divisional Round.

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NFL Playoff: The Wildcard Weekend at a glance

In the Divisional Round four matches will be played. All games you see in Germany live on DAZN. Here you can see the four games at a glance.

Date time Home guest
01/22/22 22:30 Tennessee Titans Cincinnati Bengals
01/23/22 2:15 Green Bay Packers San Francisco 49ers
01/23/22 21:00 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Los Angeles Rams
01/24/22 00:30 Kansas City Chiefs Buffalo Bills

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