Blue Box Studios unleashes a new conspiracy about abandoned

Just as we believed that conspiracies about abandoned had come to an end, the community seems to have found a hidden voice message on the website of Blue Box Game Studios, which reveals that this study It is actually a project of simulation driven by artificial intelligence. The most interesting thing is that this message is spoken in Japanese.

This audio lasts almost two minutes and as we told you earlier, you can listen to it at the official site of Blue Box Game Studios. However, there is no indicator to tell us when it was that Blue Box rose the file in question. This audio explains that abandoned is a demo for a horror game created by a group of artificial intelligence simulation. In fact, Project Blue Box was supposedly an experiment with video games generated by . Unfortunately, the project, entitled Zero Cell , had problems during its first phase.

Although audio is in Japanese, it seems that it was translated from English by a computer so do not get emotions that Video Kolyma Be behind the project (again). If Kolyma Actually I would like to hide a message for fans, he had made sure to read it and check that he did not have any kind of error, which evidently does not happen here.


Editor’s Note: If I had to bet, I would say that this is another attempt by Blue Box to continue with these theories about abandoned and Kolyma. I think at this point it is easy to assume that the Job not It is involved with the project, and once this game finally reaches our hands, there will be many disappointed people.

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