EA surprised Star Wars

Star Wars fans is an exciting year before: As EA has just announced, the publisher works together with Lucasfilm Games right on three new games – including a continuation and two brand-new games.

Electronic Arts has just announced that the publisher works with Lucasfilm Games right on three new Star Wars games. The leadership of the projects should take over developer ResPawn Entertainment . The studio has already worked on Apex Legends, Titanium and Last but not least at the Adventure Star Wars Jedi: Falling Order.

Star Wars: a sequel and two new games

EA has announced the three games in a Tweet and publishes more information in a press release on its own website. Accordingly, fans can A continuation of Star Wars Jedi: Fall Order as well as a first-person shooter and a strategy game from the Star Wars Universe.

All three projects are already in development and Respawn is currently still involved in strengthening the teams. Release appointments or further information about the games have not yet been published. (Source: EA)

EA: No exclusive license, no problem?

Almost exactly a year ago, it became known that Ubisoft worked on a new Star Wars game and EA had lost the exclusive rights. But even shortly thereafter, Electronic Arts had announced that the publisher is still interested in the brand. Now it looks like Star-Wars fans could hardly save themselves in the next few months and years ago. In addition to the Ubisoft project and the three EA games is finally Quantico Dreams with Star Wars: Eclipse will deliver an entry in the Sci-Fi franchise.

Even if currently is not sure when more information about the projects will be announced, fans should be particularly attentive in May : On May 4, the Star Wars Day will eventually take place first, as every year, the Star Wars Day While from 26th to 29 May 2022 the Star Wars Celebration event is held. Already two weeks ago, a rumor had made the round that new material to coming Star Wars projects would be shown during the event. (Source: GIG).

In our video we show you eight games, which hopefully appear 2022:


Electronic Arts has announced three new Star Wars games in a Tweet. Fans can enjoy both a sequel to Star Wars Jedi: Fall Order and a brand new first-person shooter and a strategy game.

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