The game Knights of the Old Republic in development

It seems that we receive a new Knights of the Old Republic game. However, this new title does not seem to have been developed by BioWare. Instead, it will be fully developed outside EA. With Bioware and EA being what they are right now, it could actually be a good thing.

This information comes from Be spin Bulletin, which has a good history of predictions. I do not know who does the new game or what it will look like, but I’m glad we learned to tell more stories in the Star Wars world.

With Disney who moves away from the exclusivity with respect to Star Wars, it may not be too surprising as a development. It is not as if EA had shown a lot of interest for the title over the years. Leave another passionate developer take over.

I would just like to know which developer it is. Be spin Bulletin had this to say:

Among my research, I heard that there was a project of the Knights of the former Developing Republic somewhere. I spoke to a few people, and I also discovered that Jason Schrader said it was not with EA, and we will never guess who is the studio that makes this game.

I do not know if it’s a good one or a bad thing. Honestly, I would like it to be a smaller studio. These big licenses do not always need to go to massive studios to get quality games. Let some of the smallest studios create things where their passion can really shine.

Of course, it should be noted that nothing has been confirmed yet. For the moment, they are only rumors and speculation, although from good sources.

I do not know exactly what is the next step for Knights of the Old Republic. I am excited for remake, and the more news is exciting. Furthermore, I guess time will tell us exactly what we have in reserve for us.

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