Watch Dogs: Legion will not receive more content

Ubisoft You have announced through a statement on your website that Watch Dogs: Legion will no longer receive more content updates, the last of them being 5.6.

In the message of this statement, the company appreciates the support that the community has given the game since its launch, with a feedback that has also helped to implement multiple quality of life improvements in the game until reaching its current state, Something more than a year after its launch in October 2020.

However, they also point out that players will be able to achieve a cyclical rewards in the newly released fifth season in their multiplayer mode in order to access the rewards that users have left behind. After finishing, the season three will begin again, then the four and again the five, in a loop that will remain until the closure of the game servers in the future is official.

After a successful launch in terms of sales (sold more than 1.9 million digital copies in just three days), although not so much about criticism, the Ubisoft title has been adding content on a periodic basis after departure. In addition to the crossover with Assassin’s Creed, they launched an expansion starring Aiden Pearce (primary character of the first delivery) and the DLC of Zombie Legion of the Dead, added to the update to 60 Frames per second that arrived in May 2021.


Watch Dogs: Legion is available at Xbox One , Xbox Series X and S , PS4 , PS5 , PC , Luna and Google Stadia.

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