Wemade, Blu-Potion Games and Wicked on Boarding MOU

The Made Co., Ltd. (Representative Gang Hymn BUK) and Blue Potion Games (representative Jung Jail) agreed to build business cooperation, such as the game’s Dismiss Platform on-boarding, and entered YOU.

Blu-Potion Games was established in 2016 as a subsidiary of Mr. Blue, a specialized in Webtoon platform, and Online and MMORPG is a professional development company that is self-developing and service mobile games.

The mobile game, is currently being able to service in Asia, excluding Japan, and Japan launches Japanese launches this year. In addition, Blu-Potion Games are also preparing for publishing businesses for expansion of next and business areas.

Bloody Games, which show good grades through MMORPG in Domestic and Taiwan, is going to cooperate with Miss Onboard in a variety of ways.

Jong-un Blue Potion Games CEO said, It is very pleased to prepare for a variety of projects held by Blu-Potion Games with a WIMAX with P & E Global Low.


The Gimmes, said Gang Hymn BUK, said, The Woman is ​​the only platform that allows all genres to switch to a game that is a blockchain, said Blue Potion Games’ games are going to be successful in the global market through the Global Mark..

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