NBA: Los Angeles Lakers lose without Lebron James in Charlotte – Monster

The Los Angeles Lakers have collected the third bankruptcy in the fifth game of their East Coast Trip. At 114: 117 against the Hornets L.A. Experienced without LeBron James and Anthony Davis a horror start before Russell Westbrook brings his colors single-handedly. In the end, the hornets tremble but to victory.

Charlotte Hornets (28-22) – Los Angeles Lakers (24-26) 117: 114 (Box score)

LeBron James (Knee) sat in civil for the second time in a row in civil on the bench, and Anthony Davis had to suspend after he had injured himself in a dunk the day before the Mixers on the wrist. In its first game without its superstar colleagues, Russell Westbrook sprang with 35 points (12/23 FG, 3/7 threesome), 5 assists and 4 rebounds at just one turnover in the breach.

However, the 33-year-old had even tremendous problems in the first half, until the break he brought only 5 counters on the scoreboard. With its explosion after the break that the Lakers’ comeback fired after 20 points behind, he achieved most points in a half-time (30) since the last game of Kobe Bryant in 2016 (38).

Only with his potential game winner in the final seconds, Westbrook failed, so L.a. had to leave the parquet again as a loser. In addition to Russ, Carmelo Anthony (19, 5 Rebounds and 5 Assists, +20) and Austin Leaves (16) had previously shown good performances.

On the side of the hosts, the quartet brought Miles Bridges (26, 8 Rebounds and 6 Assists), IS Smith (22, 10/12 FG) as well as Lamely Ball and Terry Cozier (20 points each). Mason Plum lee secured 8 meters and 17 rebounders, P.J. Washington also contributed 12 points.

Russell Westbrook introduces Monster comeback of the Lakers

Without LeBron and Attacking the Lakers hardly a little together. The open-off engine did not come into the corridors (3/15 FG at the start), Defensively found L.a. No means against Cozier or Bridges, which is happy and spectacular through the z1. Charlotte quickly sat down with 15 points, the Lakers threatened a debacle.

The bench around Melt or Kent Blakemore (13) injected the Lakers’ offense at least some life, the guests from Hollywood robbed themselves again – just to prompt a 10: 0 course of the hornets. Until the half-time break, Charlotte disappeared again (65:49). From Westbrook, nothing was seen until then, rather, he was a pause for a plus / minus from -27, so he put his personal negative record for a half according to ESPN stats & info.

Westbrook, however, awoke after the break. After Charlotte increased the lead up to 20 meters, the Lakers answered several threes from the hands of Anthony and Wayne Ellington (9) and Westbrook attacked with good drives. Most of his 14 meters in the third section achieved in the Z1. At the end of a 20: 5 run, the game was even balanced again.

At the beginning of the final portion, the Hornets kept the upper hand, L.A. thanks to Smith and Cozier, had now significantly more problems to score. Many buckets of the strong Leaves kept it exciting up to the crunch time. Then Westbrook held the Lakers single-handedly in the game, including two pull up threes. 11 Lakers counter in a row went to the account of the Point Guard, which shortened a minute before the end to -3. Hornets owner Michael Jordan had enough.

LeBron James DOING IT ALL ???? vs Nets (1/25/22) HD

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Then it became wild: Melt blocked a Drive of Cozier, on the opposite side Bridges returned with a rejection against Westbrook. However, the offensive rebound landed at Stanley Johnson, which set to 114: 115. Then ball awarded one of his two free throws, L.a. got a last chance for 9 seconds before the end. Again, Westbrook tried with the pull up threesome, this time without success. Charlotte brought the victory from the line into dry cloths.

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