Here the first ratings of Forever Jackass

After 12 years of waiting, a new Jackass movie is finally at all to be released. Although it was expected that _ Jackass Forever _ were in the cinemas at 2021, next February 4, the world will have the opportunity to see Johnny Knoxville, Steve-o and many more again on the screen. In this way, several media have already had the opportunity to see this tape, and this is what they think.

Although some media did not provide a rating, they recommend this tape, pointing out that _ Forever_ jackass is a good closure of this series , but it is not as strong as past delivery, because the actors no longer have the age for Do some of the antics by which they are known.

This was what The Hollywood Reporter commented:

“In a moment, an artist is sprayed with gallons of pork semen. The film begins with a prologue that satirizes Godzilla’s films, with the creature played by a painted green penis that sprays its human adversaries with copious amounts of ejaculation. It only shows that in these movies, the more she was a segment, the less fun is “.

For its part, GameSpot mentioned:

“At the end of the day, the Jackass franchise is a comforting food for a generation that grew with the guitar riff characteristic of the main song of the program sounding without ceasing in its heads. Jackass Forever can be a little different and be a little older, but it still scratches the same itch that has been scratching for more than 20 years, and it is still as comforting now as always. “

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This is the opinion of The Wrap:

“Intimidation is bad, children. Cruelty is not a lesson to live. Violence is never the answer. But when it is practiced outdoors by ‘professionals’ tattooed and reckless, as the UNGE the disclaimer prior to the film, and it is captured with love for a cameraman that is frequently fighting against the impetus of vomiting, his happy relocation In Jackass Forever, he could simply represent the deranged release we need in a beaten world. “

_ Forever_ Jackass will be available in theaters on February 4, 2022 . On related topics, Johnny Knoxville talks about one of the worst wounds of these films. Similarly, these are the premieres of Netflix for February.

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