How to unlock all artifacts and codes in Risk of Rain 2

The artifacts are a return mechanism of the original risk rain title that have made their way to isk rain 2. They modify the way you replay the game, changing some aspects of a game to make it more interesting for Veterans players who want a touch more unique.

To activate the artifacts, you must access the new hidden kingdom. You can do it by going to the Kingdom Sky Meadow, underneath. It must be partially under the main map of the map. There are nine cycle commands to grasp. The code changes according to the artifact you want to unlock. To find the correct codes for artifacts, you must visit different areas in the field. They will have stone tablets with nine symbols on it. Whatever the nine symbols you have, you enter them on the computer down to enter the new hidden kingdom.

Go through the portal and you will find an object called Reliquary of Artifact. Interact with him and many enemies appear at your location. The enemies you win on the spot will drop objects that break the shield that the location also appears. Once the shield is gone, you can take the artifact found at the location, depending on the code you used to unlock it.

There are 16 artifacts and their respective stone tablet codes in total:

Honor Artifact

Enemies only appear only in the sister.


You appear in the game with a random piece of equipment. Every time he activates, it becomes different.

Artifact of Spite

When you kill an enemy, he dropped several bombs.

Artifact of the soul

The enemies now generate FOLLET LIGHTS to death.

Artifact of Death

In groups, if one of the players dies, everyone dies.


A dismissal of yourself (the player) enters the game every 10 minutes.

Metamorphosis Artifact

You appear in the game as a random survivor.

Dissonance Artifact

The monsters of the game have the chance to appear outside their usual environment.


Players and monsters now have a Friend.

Fragility Artifact

You now undergo twice as much drop damage, and it’s fatal.


There is only one type of enemy by step.


The monsters will now abandon the equipment to their death, but there are no more chests in the game.

How to unlock ALL Artifacts in Risk of Rain 2 (ALL CODES & LOCATIONS)


Monsters will gain objects as you progress in the steps.

Glass Artifact

Allies are now dealing with 500% additional damage, but they have 10% of health.

command artifact

You now choose the objects you get by playing.


The enemy appearances have doubled, but their health has been reduced by half.

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