Zelda Botw: Find Master Sword and pull out of the stone

Zelda Breath of the Wild is likely to criticize that the weapons break in action after a while. The most important exception of this rule is the master sword that is indestructible. It just has to collect strength again, but never breaks. However, of course you have to get it first and that’s not so easy. How that works, you read here.

Where is the Master Sword in Zelda Breath of the Wild?

In the forest of Krogs: In order to get the legendary Bannschword of the hero, you have to explore the forest of the Krogs. It is best to start from the tower of the forests and sails from there direction northeast. Here is a way leads directly to the entrance of the lost forests that you have to cross to get to the Krog forest for the first time. Later you can easily place you.

How To Get The Master Sword in Breath of the Wild | Austin John Plays
In the lost forests Special rules prevail: Who leaves the right path, will be returned to the entrance or later to a checkpoint. The trick is in the matter to follow the torches and their spark flight. If you do not see any built torches, just ignites your own and follow the direction in which the sparks fly .

As soon as you have reached a small gorge, it is always just straight in the forest of Krogs. There you should urgently activate the shrine in order to be able to teleport you later. In the decu tree you can even stay overnight, cooking and shopping.

How can I pull the master sword from the stone?

In the forest of the Krogs, you will finally find the legendary breaksword, but it is firmly in the st1. You can always try to pull it out, but should be careful. You can do the task only from a certain point ****.

The real challenge is to have enough cardiac containers and life energy. You already have to have 13 full hearts to pull the sword from the stone without blessing the time. If you have not been enough yet, doing shrines and exchanges the signs of probation in statues of the goddess against heart containers.

That makes the sword so special:

  • At the beginning, the attack power of 30 does not particularly impressive. However, if she fights against being, which are attacked by the devastation of Ganon, the attack value is doubled ** (for example, all opponents in Hyrule Castle, including Ganon).
  • The sword never breaks . Has it used up his energy, you have to wait a bit until it works again.
  • Shoot: You can not throw with the master sword, but shoot it. As long as link is at full health, you can hold R pressed and fire an energy beam when you let go.
  • SCHWERT TESTS: Both the attack value and the amount of energy and thus the duration of the service life can be drastically increased by the “testing of the sword” in the DLC packet 1 “legendary tests”. However, these are really crisp challenges that are likely to demand everything and failure must always be started from the front.

Incidentally, there is also a very simple trick, with which the sword leaves even clearly from the st1. Do you have a bundle of wood and the opportunity to make fire, you can easily cancel the master sword with the help of a glitch. While this is not the same and perhaps less satisfying, but of course practical.

Which weapon do you use in Zelda: Breath of the game best?

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