Hackean to Blue Box Studios, Authors of Abandoned

Abandoned & Blue Box Game Studios - New Audio File Adds To The Conspiracies
Do you remember abandoned ? For a long time it was thought that the title of Blue Box Game Studios was actually a front for a project of Hideo Kojima. Actually it turned out to be an independent game, which will apparently have a playable prologue this year, But at the moment his developers are more concerned because they have just hacing their channel of youtube .

“Warning: The Blue Box Game Studios YouTube channel was hacked. We have received emails from several characters by saying that they have received messages to buy a “pre-sale”, please do not open it and do not transfer money since it is not us. “

Last year the application of abandoned was launched for ps5 at ps store , and Blue Box promised that this would be updated in real time with game shows. The first teaser was delayed multiple times, but eventually came out and ended up disappointing the community. We still do not even know if this title someday will see the light, so we have nothing left to wait.

Editor’s Note: It is a pity all that has happened to Blue Box Studios, but in part, they sought him themselves. Despite having denied the theories about Kojima, the study was still provoking speculation through different teasers and a point came where all this was built on their face.

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