Marvel Star in Criticism: Evangeline Lilly boasts participation in vaccinations

Evangeline Lilly, known from lost, hobbit films and Ant-Man and the Wasp, has taken care of a social media post against a general vaccination requirement. On Instagram, the actress became a countermovement, whose speakers under other Bobby Kennedy’s son Robert F. Kennedy Jr. belongs.

At the weekend vaccine in Washington DC, under the slogan “Defeat the Mandates”, stopped a great demonstration at the Kennedy with his anti-VAX organization “Children’s Health Defense” as an organizer and speaker. Lilly was also present to his own statement.

Evangeline Lilly is vaccination opponent

On your Instagram profile, the Canadian writes:

_ “I was in DC last weekend to set a sign for physical self-determination, while Canadian truck drivers combined for the same thing to a peaceful convoy through the entire country. I believe that no one ever against his will and under threat of the following Things should be forced to inject something in his body: _

  • Wortname attacks
  • Verhandung or house arrest without procedure
  • _ Loss of the job_
  • Opcathomelessness
  • Hunger
  • _ Loss of the right to education_
  • _ Exclusion through beloved people_
  • Excommunication from the company
  • _Unt threat of anyway anyway

Dies is not the [correct] way. That’s not safe. That is not healthy. That’s not love. I understand that the world is fear, but I do not think that afraid of violence to answer our problems solves. I was in front of Covid for voluntariness and I’m still per voluntary today. “

Ant-Man and the compulsory hiter comparison

Lilly uses several tactics in their posting, which are served again and again in the vaccine styles. She summons with her words a world up, exposed to unvaccinated violence, persecution and legal arbitrariness, instead of arguing.

Even things like exclusion through beloved people, which takes place on a personal level, throws them as if a cleavage within the family would only be attributed to those who use for corona restrictions. Not the other side.

Of course, this sacrificial attitude helps to steer itself as a tire for justice than someone who requires special treatment. Where this way of thinking can lead, demo organizer Kennedy impressively showed in his speech where he employed parallels between vaccination-pass controls and the persecution of the Jewish population in the Third Reich:

_ “How did a coup d’budget over the last few months experienced the democracy and disassembly, the controlled disassembly of the United States and the Bill of Rights. Started with the censorship. James Madison, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson all have The same thing said: _

_We have set freedom of speech in the first additional items because all other rights we want to protect is based on this right. If you give the government the license to silence your critics, you give them the power to commit any shells that you want and all the possibilities and rights of the constitution. […] _

We just watch something I thought never to see on my lifetime . I have read it in Orwell and Kafka and Dystopic Science Fiction novels that the United States of one day of fascists are taken over.

‘Ant Man’ Star Evangeline Lilly Sounds Off On COVID Vaccine Mandates | THR News
Mussolini has defined fascism as a union of state and corporate power. […] It is the ambition of any totalitarian state to control every aspect of behavior and thinking and destroying disobedience. Nobody has made it so far. They did not have the technical possibilities.

Even in Hitler’s Germany you could come across the Alps in Switzerland. You could hide yourself in a loft like Anne Frank has done it. I visited East Germany and met people climbed over the wall and escaped.

Many have died, but it was possible. Today, the mechanisms are built so that nobody can run away from us and that no one can hide. “

Evangeline Lilly Pretty Lost

By claiming that the corona measures are only the first step in another third rich, Kennedy wants to stage himself as someone who understands the story and can interpret their characters. In reality, however, his speech shows that he has neither understanding of it, still feeling feeling what happened in Germany during the Holocaust.

His comparison relativizes abominations, demonises his opponents and exposes him as polemically, tasteless and wisely. Kennedy was not the only one who made such comparisons this weekend. His vaccine colleague del Bigtree was also present and to understand that their organization, “[…] unlike the Nuremberg processes, would not only believe the doctors who have destroyed the lives of these people”, but also the press.

Lilly’s posting does not go as far as its support for Kennedy and his supporters also shows a willingness to sell victim fantasies as truth. Kennedy has now apologized for his Anne-Frank comparison. Another statement from the Marvel Stars remained so far. There was also consequences for the Wasp actress so far.

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania has been largely written in the second half of 2021, additional recordings should take place in San Franciso this year before the film will then appear on 26 July 2023. By the way, Lilly is not the only star in the Marvel Cosmos, which refuses vaccination.

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