The trailer of Pokemon Sword & Shield shows the mechanisms of the fight

The new trailer of Pokemon Sword & Shield gave more information about Dynamaxing and the powers that Pokemon wins by entering the new form. Dynagement unlocks “Max Movements”, which will have additional effects useful compared to standard movements. The Pokemon taken in the battles of Max Raid will also have hidden capabilities that players will have to learn and extremely rare Pokémon will be able to gigantamax while having these hidden capabilities. Coaches can also connect online in Battle Stadium to participate in ranked battles to become the best, as no one has ever been. Pokemon Sword & Shield came out exclusively on the Nintendo Switch on November 15th.

How Pokemon Players Saw the Pokemon Sword & Shield Trailer
The last trailer of Pokemon Sword & Shield featured the new Gentleman, Galarian Weezing, capped up-to-form and using the “neutralizing gas”, which prevents the triggering of certain capabilities and that Pokemon has even more hidden capabilities to unveil. Corviknight has the hidden ability to rebound the effects of lowering statistics from a pokemon attacker using “mirror armor”, which will help add a new dynamic to the battles of Pokémon, as “neutralizing gas”. As usual, coaches will be allowed to give their Pokémon. Objects to improve their stats or increase their chances of winning.

Classified players will be connected to other players sharing the same online rank and, every victory, they will climb the echelons to become a full champion. Legendary and mythical Pokémon will not be able to participate in classified matches. Coaches can control the performance of competitive participants with the Pokemon Home Smartphone version.

What are some of your favorite mechanics and Pokemon from Pokemon Sword & Shield so far? Are you disappointed by Pokemon, does POKEMON give up the National Pokedex or are you intrigued by the way it will unfold? Let us know in the comments below!

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