Wow: Fan shows Blizzard, which could be the game for a graphic miracle

The graphics of World of Warcraft has hardly changed since release, but has its own charm. But that does not mean that you could not get root much more graphically. A 3D artist shows fans and Blizzard, how great the game could really be.

WOW: Meanwhile came to the years

The capital Thunderreels is one of many of the Horde, but unmistakable and one of the elders. It is built on a series of mountains, which protrude beyond the pastoral levels of Mulgore and are connected by suspension bridges. Although the city is quite nice to look at, she, like many of the oldest zones in World of Warcraft, came to the years. 3D artist Aleksandr Timoshenko has now missed Thunderfels a realistic makeover .

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WOW: So pretty could really be

Timoshenko took advantage of the Unreal Engine and the Megascans Plugin of Quixel to miss a realistic look around Thunderreels. The plugin is a practical tool that gives artists access to a lot of ultra-HD photos that can be used as textures in materials for 3D environments. This is often used by Big budget studios, but also solo artists can create great work, as his work impressively demonstrates.

Obviously, Timoshenko put great importance to details, but kept something back in the colors. A direct comparison shows that the lack of color and the harder contrast ensure a gloomy mood, but that the end result fits harmoniously into the overall picture . More pictures of this project can be found on his official website.

__To work by Aleksandr Timoshenko

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