Jason Momoa would be the Villain of Fast & Furious 10

For several years, it is spoken that the franchise of Fast & Furious will end with the tenth movie, at least as for the main line of history refers. Surely we will still have a few _Spin-offs, but the adventures of Toretto and company could come to an end. Now, it is said that Jason Momoa , who plays Aquaman within the DCEU , is on talks to join the next saga tape.

FAST & FURIOUS 10 Is About To Blow Your Mind

According to information about The Hollywood Reporter , Momoa is already in the latest stages of negotiation to join the tenth movie of FAST & FURIOUS . According to this means, the actor could interpret the villain of this feature film, although at the moment they can not verify this information to one hundred percent. What is almost a fact, is that Momoa will be forming part of the movie in one way or another.

Because _ Fast & Furious 10 _ It would be the last installment of the main franchise, its producers will surely want to bring several actors at the moment to give greater relevance to the tape. Momoa It definitely fits with that description, so we would not be surprised to see it sharing screen with Vin Diesel and the rest of the cast.

Editor’s note: Despite being considered by many as “scrap cinema”, the latest Fast & Furious films have been better than I expected. Despite not being a big fan of the franchise, I definitely intrigue to know how Toretto’s story will end and the rest of the characters.

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