Netflix recommendations on the weekend: Film with 12 Oscar

The weekend is there and Netflix has a lot to offer: We recommend you the best new movies and series in the streaming provider, but today is still a movie available for a few months on Netflix – but recently a few twelve oscar Has received nominations. Already looked in?

The Power of the Dog

Streams The Power of the Dog now on Netflix.

The Power of the Dog recently received twelve nominations for an Oscar **, and in the most important categories such as the best film or the best directing. The Westerndrama will draw you with its impressive scenery and the finely assembled plot – but does not expect 08/15 Western! With Benedict Cumberbatch in the main role, it follows here a dominant and charismatic rancher who tries to intimidate the wife of his brother and her feminine son. Everything is changing as for him the possibility of a love.

Inventing Anna

Netflix's 'Power of the Dog' aims for Oscar history

Streams Inventing Anna now on Netflix.

One of the most famous uplifts at all gets with Inventing Anna their own miniseries: German Anna Sorokin gathered from 2013 to 2017 in New York High Society as a millions of millions, only that they had never inherited money and was actually bankrupt. When the crazy case became public, Sorokin makes international headlines. This true story is now illuminated in the Fictitious Series Inventing Anna – the focus is on Anna itself and a journalist that wants to find out more about Anna.

Love and Leashes

Streaming Love and Leashes now on Netflix.

After Squid Game and other South Korean series conquered Netflix in the storm, more and more shows appear from South Korea. Among the new announcements for this week is also Love and Leashes , a love comedy of the other kind: when Ji Woo accidentally opens the package of her colleague, she finds a mysterious collar and other things there. The actually restrained Ji Hoo, who belongs to the package, explains the collar for his dog – which is a lie shot through Ji Woo. The two soon find in an amusing romance of the other way to each other, in which Ji Woo becomes the dominant mistress of Ji Hoo.

Love and Leashes is already kept in mind by K-drama fans, especially because it is unusual for a South Korean series to treat sexual fantasies openly.

already looked in? The Book of Boba Fat at Disney +

Streams The Book of Boba Fat now on Disney +.

With The Book of Boba Fat is the next chapter started in the Mandalorian universe: The spin-off of the popular Star Wars series follows – quite the name – the head money hunter Boba Fat (Temuera Morrison), who together with The mercenary Fennec Shand (Ming-na whom) returns to Tattooine to take that territory that Jabba had previously heard the hat.

_Show in the trailer to The Book of Boba Fat: _

Later in February, the Cuphead series also appears on Netflix. and a small (unused!) Note even suggests that Spider-Man: No Way Home could appear at Disney + at the end of February.

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