Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis: Winter

Winter has held in Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis! Snow falls on the whole planet Halpha, from the Aelio to the Retem region, and the central city is decorated with seasonal decoration! Part 1 of the Winter Event started on January 12th and Part 2 has now started, and there is still enough time to join in, because the event ends only on February 8th.

As with previous seasonal events, special enemies are available both in the exploration and combat sector. It’s easy to distinguish these enemies as they are marked with special symbols. For the annihilation of these enemies (and special rappies), your season points that you can exchange with the Arks phenomenologist Xiandy in Central or Retem City. She also has some temporally limited tasks for you who need to fulfill and for whom you receive special rewards.

Зато Бесплатно #44 - Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis

During the event, there are also special seasonal daily and weekly tasks for which your seasonal points and cosmetic items can be obtained! To find out what you need to do, look at the “Limited” tab of your task list. Safety points can be exchanged in Xiandys exchanger against all sorts of delicacies, such as e.g. a new winter shape for your likes, stardown stones or an improved wind element weapon from the Tempesta weapons series. These 5-star rarity weapons are ideal for use in the Retem region, as many enemies are weak against the wind element. Xiandy also offers material items and reinforcements that you can enable your equipment.

Central City was decorated to celebrate the winter season, and a part of it are mixed symbols, special holograms that are hidden throughout the city. Find all of them to meet a special, temporary task. In addition to the hunt for these symbols, there is also a new seasonal collection object to find. Collects these special objects and thus feeds a seasonal region MAG to receive additional items for regional and personal inceptions.

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