How to Pre-Order Windbound – Versions, Release Date, Bonus

Last updated Aug 21, 2020

Windbound is a game of survival and discovery. You play Kara, who arrives on these ancient islands following a monstrous storm, exploring the islands to learn his story while striving to return to his tribe. The trip promises to be treacherous, with a lot of survival and tests. Before the game arrives and you discover the mystery, you can preammord Windbound to receive various bonuses, and even change the standard Kara outfit. All bonuses are cosmetic, they will not facilitate the game.

pre-order locations

WINDBOUND will be released on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Google Stadia and PC on Steam and Epic Games Store. When writing these lines, pre-order links for the PlayStation 4 and Google Stadia version are not available. We will update this guide with them when we have the details.

Pre-order bonus and versions

There will not be different versions of Windbound when leaving. You only have to worry about the standard version at $ 29.99, so it’s quite simple. Anyone who pre-order the games receives these items.

Windbound Review
* Ancestral Kara – This precious garment – worthy of a warrior or priest – has been transmitted from generation to generation, and now the time has come for Kara to honor his past.
* Ancestral knife of Kara – How and where the ancestors acquired these fragments of sea remains a mystery, but little would deny their effectiveness. Luminous, durable and incredibly sharp, this blade cuts as well today as it was a hundred years ago.
* Ancestral rowing of Kara – The oceanic Gyre was revered in the past, although its true meaning is enigmatic for the people of Kara today. Nevertheless, this woody tray treated with salt remains robust and functional, despite its age.

Nintendo Switch players can buy the game up to two weeks after its initial output and always receive them.

Windbound arrives on our coast on August 28th on all platforms for available platforms. Make sure you are ready to face the trip from the first day.

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