CSGO: 9Z Team starts the year with a 29th in the world ranking

The weekend of February 12, 9Z Team pulled the caste in ESL Challenger # 48 of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. He arrived after winning Dignitas and Movistar Riders In a better three, gaining the opportunity to measure against fury in the qualifiers. Repeating the feat against the Brazilian group would put it to a single victory to be at the conference for ESL Pro League corresponding to season 16.

The day started in favor of 9Z Team, playing well Mirage, its selection of map. He had a good attacking side, adding 11 rounds that put him near 1-0. Fury He could not stop his opponent and had to wait for Ancient, his map. Again, things seemed to favor the Argentine organization with a good defender side. Unfortunately for her, the Brazilians took advantage of the change of round to begin to go back. Closing 16-13 to go to the decisive map: Nuke.

Fury again pulled out juice at the change side to take the series by 2-1. Nuke’s final scoreboard was 16-11, advancing to the grand final against virtus.pro . The squad of the Commonwealth of Independent States dispatched the Brazilians in two maps, claiming one of the quotas for the ESL Pro League conference .

9Z Team did not stay without recognition. Not only was it the surprise of group A for several, it also helped him advance in the ranking of hltv. It is a table that qualifies all the teams in the world. South America was already at the Top 40 of the Ranking, with a historic 33 ° in 2019 thanks to the performance of Isurus. Now he touched 9Z Team to put the flag high with a 29th place in the week. For the first time, The region passes to the Top 30 and makes it clear that it goes for more.

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9Z Team aims to improve his 2021, where he was surprised at Blast Premier and began to play with the idea of ​​competing in Europe. A Top 30 is just the first step.

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