NFL Trolls The Rock referring to him as a “boy of fortnite”

Before the Super Bowl LVI began last night between the Cincinnati Bengals and Los Angeles Rams, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson appeared in the midfield to present both teams and encourage the subsequent confrontation. The moment saw The Rock essentially cutting a promotion for each team using some of the classic phrases he coined during his time with the WWE. And although this introduction was adored by several fans who were watching the game, the NFL decided to use it as a way to trollar The Rock afterwards.

When you upload this Introduction clip to the Official YouTube channel of the NFL, those in charge of the Social Network Team of the National Football League opted for not putting the name of The Rock in the title. Instead, he simply referred to him as the “boy of fortnite” giving “the most electrificent introduction in the History of Super Bowl.” This title was clearly intended to make fun of the recent participation of The Rock in fortnite that sees him playing the character known as The Foundation. At the end of 2021 when Fortnite chapter 3 began, it was confirmed that The Rock would interpret The Foundation after the theories of fanatics related to this disclosure extended for months.

I Pretended To Be THE ROCK.. (Foundation)
As expected, fans really loved that the NFL entitled the video in this way and rushed to follow the game with the joke in the comments. “I can not believe they have made the rock of fortnite in a real person so fast! He has just left a week ago, “said one of the main comments of the video, referring to the recent launch of The Foundation in fortnite earlier this month. “Whoever is administering this account needs an increase as soon as possible,” continued another comment.

At this time, The Rock himself has not answered that the NFL has fun with him in this way, but he said that doing the presentation meant a lot for him. “My dream for a long time was to have a career at the NFL and win a Super Bowl. I failed in that. But last night my dream came true in a different way, “he said at twitter when talking about the opening segment. «Thank you NFL, players / coaches for incredible love and confidence. Thank you [You] fans for the crazy positive energy ».

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