Opel Astra: How the new generation drives

“Born in Rüsselsheim” is great on the chart in which Opel supplies the most important facts to the new Astra.

Born in Rüsselsheim so. Sure. Where else should an Opel come from?

This is not so natural for the origin from the Hessian Indes. As you know, Opel was initially taken over by the French PSA Group in 2017 and has been held together with this in the newly founded Stellantis Alliance, which includes Fiat and Jeep among others.

An international brand family, so, to whose customs platform synergies belong. And that leads back to the Astra: He shares the EMP2 architecture with its French brothers Peugeot 308, Citroën C4 and DS4, but only the latter is built in Rüsselsheim.

Modern, but not fashionable

But Opel is it with far more than just to do the production standard. It is about the identity preservation of a traditional brand and thus delineation to the rest of the Stellantis family. That succeeded in the case of the Astra. Already in the design, Opel draws a literally sharp dividing line to the 308, which – for example – with its saber-toothed daytime running lights a lot more on drama sets. Everything on the Astra, however, is Pur and Clean, even the fold on the bonnet and the “Vizor” front-based “Vizor” front marked by the legendary Manta, in the style of a visor, highlight a rather factual jewelry. It looks good, modern, but not fashionable, one shows the potential of a certain timelessness, even in five years you will still like this Astra.

Digital Moderne: Pure Panel Cockpit and Head-Up Display in the Astra. Opel / Dani Heyne

Set to the door and behind steering wheel. If one looks from the superfluous plastic ornamental diaphragm in the passenger area, the Astra goes off any frills, instead, the interior designers have chosen the path of technologian clarity in the interior. A great thing is the Pure Panel Cockpit: the digital driver display and the slightly driver-related touchscreen add to an optical unit, optionally, there are still nobles, as borderlessly glazed “Pro” variant. It may be a matter of taste, but compared to Peugeots playful I cockpit we feel the Opel solution as the better. And VW keyword Golf – must say that the competition from Rüsselsheim is not the temptation to add to almost uncompromising digitization: the keyboard with the double strip on direct buttons is simply practical and easy to use, same applies to the rotary knob for the volume.

The smartphone wires its way to the multimedia system, optionally there is a reversing camera and a beautiful poster-up head-up display, the Opel seats with the AGR quality mark of the action healthy back are also in the Astra Top. Almost as comfortable it travels in the rear. The luggage compartment receives 422 to 1339 liters, but with the plug-in hybrid, however, the volume shrinks to 352 to 1268 liters, the footprint of the driving battery.

Wide set up with the drives

In the drives, the Astra is wider than it is the initially manageable offer from a 1,2-L three-cylinder gasoline engine with either 81 kW / 110 hp and 96 kW / 130 hp as well as – yes, even the long-haul driver is finally Still – a 1,5-L diesel with also 96 kW / 130 hp suggests. Because it does not stay. Even for market launch in the spring, a plug-in hybrid with a system performance of 132 kW / 180 hp . Somewhr later, a further and powerful PHEV is followed by 165 kW / 225 hp. And 2023, the purely electric Astra-E connects, the Opel sends with great expectations to the start: at the small brother Corsa, says Opel-Germany-boss Andreas Marx, the proportion of Corsa-E at the sales figures is already around 25 Percent.

Two-tone: Optionally, there is a color-deposed roof. Opel / Dani Heyne

The subject of our first contact with the Astra was the larger expansion stage of the gasoline, the 1.2 Turbo with 130 hp therefore. Despite the relatively barren displacement, the three-cylinder is doing its task well, he does not let himself be sapped, it’s not ahead, and hardly something of the typical growl penetrates a threesome to the ear of the occupants, obviously Opel has enhanced them in the Astra well insulated.

Even about the 6-speed circuit, only good say, it switches precise and appropriate crisp. Alternatively, an 8-G automatic takes over the change of the driving steps, especially the diesel she is fine.

The Astra is very harmonious, he springs binding and curved tight, but remains comfortable. That too, the Opelans undoubtedly have done well.

Two plug-in hybrid

Plug-in hybrids must have all sorts of criticism. OPELS Germany boss Marx sees her mission, however, to live motorists and motorists to live with an electric car. How electrically such this is actually and may be, ultimately depends on the range of the partial circulation. At ASTRA PHEV, the 12.4 kWh battery promises an electrical radius of up to 60 kilometers, using the 7.4 kW onboard loader, it is charged in almost two hours. On our first exit, the on-board computer was only 44 kilometers in view, but we do not know how brought our pre-drivers on the road, which is known for the calculation of the software to play a role. It does not necessarily have to be the “sport” mode, even in the mixed program “hybrid”, the Astra PHEV behaves and remains as cultivated as quiet. Third driving mode is a purely electrical to select. And for extra-industrial recuperation, the driving level shifter is printed on “B”.

He too has been visually successful: In summer, the station wagon “Sports Tourer” complements the model program. Opel

One of the (partly optional) assistance systems includes the glare-free intellilux lighting system that imports the Astra from the Insignia and the Grandland, the IntelliDrive system (including front collision warning, pedestrian recognition, cross-traffic warning, traffic sign recognition, and automatic versions, automatic speed wizard with STOP -and GO function), further a recorder assistant recognizing when cars or pedestrians approach the tail area.

2022 Astra GS-Line driving REVIEW - better than the Golf? all-new Opel Vauxhall Astra petrol vs PHEV
The new OPEL ASTRA is priced at the predecessor level, at 22,465 euros. Life with the diesel starts at 28,660 euros, then already in the second highest equipment stage “Edition”. The plug-in hybrid stands from 35,800 euros in the price list, less the environmental bonus can expect the customer with around 28,620 euros.

Also the station wagon comes electrical

Incidentally, 65 percent of Astra customers leave the five-door in favor of the combination “Sports Tourer”. Consequently, he does not take wonders in the summer, in the summer he does not take the program. Even more noteworthy is that he too is electric over the year – and then together with the French brother Peugeot 308 SW closes the market gap of electric combini.

Ulla ellmer

OPEL ASTRA shortly:

When he comes: in the spring 2022, probably in March. Order start already takes place.

Who he is visual: VW Golf, Ford Focus, Kia Ceed, Hyundai i30 etc.

What drives him: 1,2-L three-cylinder turbo gasoline with 81 kW / 110 hp and 96 kW / 130 hp, 1.5-l four-cylinder diesel with 96 kW / 130 hp, plug-in Hybrid with 133 kW / 180 hp.

What he costs: from 22,465 euros.

What follows: Strong plug-in hybrid with 165 kW / 225 hp. Combination “Sports Tourer” in summer. Electric Astra-E in the summer of 2023, also as a station wagon.

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