How to get spoiled bag in warframe

Last updated Aug 31, 2020

Sporulate bag in warframe is a resource that can be achieved by fishing Glutinox fish on Deimos. Any fishing on Deimos is done by Daughter, so be sure to visit him and buy the Spari fishing rod for 500 standing, as it will facilitate a little fishing on Deimos.

Glutinox can be caught outdoors on the Cambion Drift in the rivers and will reproduce during the VOME cycle. They have a better chance of appearing in the presence of Fass Bait.

Warframe - How to get Sporulate Sac by fishing (Glutinox)

How to get baits for fish

When Fass and Vome fight in the Cambion Drift, the lost Wyrm body will be reduced in parts, dispersing residues on the map. These two residues can be picked up and used as bait for infested fish and can be viewed in the fishing menu. To open the fishing menu, simply equip one of your fishing spears. The Fass bait is the red / orange residue.

How to use the bait

You will need to deposit the bait in the water in which the fish circulate when they do not float in the air. You can not catch the fish when they are in the water, and can only do so when they float.

How to treat the fish on Deimos

You can bring your fish to Daughter, located in the Necralisk, and marked on the mini-card by a small fish symbol. You can cut the fish here and exchange pieces against girl chips you will need to join the entrati union. If you cut the glutinox, you will get a sporical bag, a fermented bladder and a benign infested tumor. Whatever the size of the fish, you will never get only one sporical bag.

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