Hyperforma launches Switch on September 5th

Last updated Aug 31, 2019

Hyperforma, Herocraft’s latest project arrives on Nintendo Switch. The release date is 5 September and the game is now available in pre-order with a 10% discount. It is currently $ 8.99, but its affordable price is nothing comparable to the attractive style that emerges at first glance, nor the gameplay intriguing that this title will bring.

Hyperforma for Nintendo Switch is best described by its publishers and creators, Herocraft and North Unit, which designate their future baby as a CyberPunk puzzle. The game will ask the player to “master the art of piracy”, as it proposes a futuristic approach of the kind, with incredible visuals and parameters designed to distract you. The players will connect to an old but futuristic network and the goal will be to make a path in the mysterious environments of an advanced and long-standing advanced society. The game is described as a challenge, then bring your A-Game.

Hyperforma Nintendo Switch Release Date: September 5, 2019

This game was already available on iOS and enjoys an award-winning status of brick / puzzle. The gameplay of the game was just as appreciated as its immersive frame and its history, in which players discover the secrets of a missing company by exploring and hawking their cyberspace. On the way, the players meet guards called the old masters, who consider the player as an enemy intruder.


  • Explore an old network of a disappeared civilization
  • Ancient Masters – The Titanese Guardian Boss fights
  • More than 80 puzzles to solve
  • Break the style of play, but has greatly evolved
  • Campaign led by a story
  • Original Band of CyberPunk

Hyperforma - Launch Trailer - Nintendo Switch

In Hyperforma, players will gradually evolve as and when and will acquire new special skills in computer hacking that will prove invaluable to overcome increasingly difficult challenges. BOSS fights against old masters will prove just as difficult because of the puzzle gameplay leads them. Hash the secrets and artifacts of the former civilization makes you the enemy, so everything works against the player.

Hyperforma Switch will arrive on September 5th and this award-winning puzzle / puzzle is currently offered on the reduction on Nintendo UK and Nintendo US. Herocraft is a famous Russian developer who needs to be trusted to offer us nice games. In addition, Nord Unit has proven itself on IOS platforms, and its title now stands out on the consoles.

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