Sunday Toses, 2021 sales of W105.6 billion, operating profit 8.3 billion won

Sunday Tose (representative Lee Hoh) released sales of W105.6bn, operating profit of W8.3bn, and net profit of W15.6 billion, and 2021 earnings were announced on the 16th.

The 2021 earnings decreased by 0.6% and 36% of operating profit, but net profit increased by 6.5%. Annual operating profit reduces sales of W29.8bn, operating profit 300 million won, and net profit of W3.8bn.

The company has increased by 18% of sales and 270% of net profit, but it has been reflected in the 4Q earnings, as we decreased by 270% of the net profit, Localization of research and development expenses on the expansion of one-off marketing costs, such as the launch of the new development and both companies in the Strategic Few season of Playing, and the investment of research and development expenses on the incubation and playback of the Incubatting subsidiary. On the other hand, the net profit of the pulling was a significant increase in the 4Q09 ‘s’ Anifang Fund’ in the fourth quarter of the year.

Meanwhile, Sunday Tose is a great shareholder, and it is expected to speed up on a block based on a block chain, such as NFT, such as NFT, which is running from 1Q11 last year. The block chain-based new featuring is developing a goal of launching a social casino game, a playmatch curl this year, a genre-linked casual game. In addition, SNG ‘Pastel Garden’ and Meat Molding Puzzle Games, specialized in the Japanese market, and the Ocean Life, ‘Nemo’s Ocean Life’, is ahead of the overseas general app market service in the first half of this year.

“The company’s marketing costs are positive indicators such as returning to the first place in the Facebook market,” the company’s marketing costs are available in the Facebook market. ” News will be prepared to be a casual genre P & E (Play & Earn) representative runner. “

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In addition to the expansion of casual game services in both domestic and overseas casual game services, the first block of the first block chain, which is the first block chain of the Sunday Tose, which is in the Platform Services Collaboration,

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