Anna Seidels tears after the shorttrack

In addition, Seidel received a punishment after the race and was led without time in the last place. For the two-time European Championship of 2021 it was her first and at the same time at her third winter games.

I think that everything was already decided correctly.

Anna Seidel

The referees thought of a foul of Anna Seidel to Corinne Stoddard, so she remained without result. “I have overtaked the American, but probably not well prepared. She just waited to block. Then that was not a clean overtaking maneuver and I got the penalty for that,” the 23-year-old girlfriend of NHL-Jungtar Moritz Silder reported Tears and gave to: “I think that everything was already decided.”

That she fell on the target straight and crashed into the gang, her emotionally put together. After the Olympia-out, she had withdrawn into a cabin for a long time. “I’ve been told that I do not really understand all that really and mostly rewind and rewind again. It went better again,” Seidel said completely dissolved, but physically intact.

U.S. skater Corinne Stoddard suffers broken nose, cleared to keep competing

Gold goes to South Korea

Olympic champion over 1500 meters became the conclusion of the shorttrack competitions from Beijing like 2018 in Pyeongchang Minjeong Choi from South Korea. Two Ranked Arianna Fontana from Italy, who had already won gold over 500 meters in China and with now eleven medals of the most successful shorttracker in winter games. Third party was the Dutchman Suzanne Schulting.

Medal mirror

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