MEDIEVIL magazine – an frightening overhaul of a clearly difficult classical

Last updated OCTOBER 26, 2019

For the better or for the worst, ridiculously difficult, but well ahead of his time, Medievil has been completely redesigned. It is one of the great classics of the PS1, and the reason for that, and the reason it has crossed all these years, is its excellent Halloweeny presentation. Imagine Tim Burton designing a video game on the Halloween theme, with an extra emphasis on hilarious games and a game that people will want to love. Everything, from the face without jaw with the teeth of our hero, passing through his clumsy and blurred march, oozes with style and humor. But is this scary flair sufficient to create an ideal game for modern players? Yes and no.

Medievil is interpreted by Sir Daniel Fortesque, a knight that led an accusation against the bad necromating Zarok and whose great hero is remembered. In reality, Sir Daniel was touched by an arrow just at the beginning of the battle. 100 years later, Zarok resumed contact with our hero and accidentally convened this one with the rest of the lives. Sir Daniel now has a chance to overcome necromancer and to be up to his legend. History is one of the best reasons to play Medievil and plays a leading role throughout the game.

From the beginning, we know that our hero is more con than champion. The game never ceases to tease him about his false reputation. Even the loading screens can shoot Sir Daniel. Another good example of the humor used in the game is the way Sir Daniel arractors his arm and uses it as a stick before he has his sword. Most other games would just have a fist attack or any attack, but these are the little details that show the care given to Medievil’s presentation.

All the visuals and cinematics of the original have been left intact. All the pumpkins and gravestones of the original of which I remember are still in place. There are some small additions to cinematics to give a little more depth to history, but it is actually a realistic reconstruction of the original game. The creators even made an extra effort to bring back the actors of the original voice of the game. The partition at the Danny Elfman was even re-recorded with a complete orchestra.

In terms of gameplay, everything about Medievil remained intact. This is a square to attack and x to jump a little game. But a very important feature has been modified. If the player maintains the R2 button, the camera goes from an aerial view to a clear view on the shoulder, which makes the player not undergo the cheap death of attacks out of the screen.. And the right joystick can be used to change camera. Medievil is a difficult game, and sometimes the original was unfair, but this remake corrected this injustice. However, the camera R2 is not always useful and I found myself to use it less often than I did not think it. Although I would have preferred a dodge mechanic, the camera improved with right handle makes all the difference.

The History of MediEvil (Documentary)

The difficulty can be a detour for some. The platform can be steep and boss fights remain frustrating. This is a game without checkpoints, and the dead often come. Although the game looks family, the difficulty is hardcore, and only those who like retro challenges should apply.

Medievil is a simple Hack N ‘Slash game originally designed for PS1. His presentation and his sense of humor distinguish him from his contemporaries, and the improved controls of the camera have modernized it. The graphics are now rendered in 4K and the music is orchestral. If you are a fan of PS1 classics like crash bandicoot or spyro, but you want to put more emphasis on action, so medievil is exactly what you are looking for, especially if you want an Old School challenge with new Adjustments. If you are not in the retro game, however, Medievil will not be the game that will convert you.


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