Professional player says: “Men under 170cm have no human rights,” is fired

Be it League of Legends , Counter Strike: Global Offensive , or Super Smash Brothers , professional players usually also have a streaming career when there are no tournaments to win. This includes the professional Tekken player Tanukana, which until recently belonged to the E-Sports team Cyclops athlete Gaming.

For Tekken player Tanukana, men under 170cm have no human rights

Among other things, Tanukana had an appearance in the Japanese media and was all in all a distinguished figure in the competitive Fighting game scene. According to Kotaku, however, her career took a rapid end by a statement in a recent stream. On February 15, Tanukana narrated in one of their streams that men have under 170cm “no human rights”.

In addition, she added that such persons should try a “bone extension”. In a now deleted Twitter post, the player apologized for her statement. Allegedly, she did not want to spread hate speech or similar, but only proclaim her love for great persons.

A little later, Tanukana apologized again on Twitter, and mentioned her sponsor Red Bull. Your exact statement to Google Translator reads:

_ “I would like to apologize to fans who have a daily support for all sponsors like Red Bull, and for my selfish remarks that have caused unpleasant feelings and many inconvenience. I take it seriously that my statements are unacceptable. It is not acceptable There is no excuse for me to be so disappointed. “_

According to Kotaku there are some speculation about the word choice Tanukanas. The word for “human rights” probably has two meanings in the Japanese language.人 権 or Jinken should also be used for special video game items or characters that each player must own. Some people assume that they thought in their statement to the second meaning, as this is common terminology in their field of video games.

No matter how tanukana it ultimately meant, her statement triggered a quite controversy, and Cyclops athlete gaming has fluently released the professional player and apologized for her statements. The associated Twitter post attached Tanukana even to her Twitter channel.

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