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It took a long time, but ranking games are finally available in Call of Duty Vanguard. After a small delay, which was due to Treyarch to a “statistical problem”, Vanguard Rated was published on 18 February in a beta format. Now players can compete against each other in a new competitive environment that mendices Call of Duty, rule rules and restrictions. Against this background we have the best Vanguard Ranklist Loadouts for you.

In Ranklist mode from Vanguard, certain weapons, specific essays and a number of field upgrades and killstreaks are limited – just like in the CDL. This means that you need to create a new set of classes before entering a Ranklist game of Search and Destroy, Hardpoint or Control – the three modes in which you will play when you play Vanguards Ranklist game.

In this guide, we take a look at the best Vanguard Ranklist Loadouts . We will see what the CDL professionals use in the contest of this season to put together the best classes you can use if you are next in the ranking.

Best Vanguard Ranklist Loadouts

These are the three Best Vanguard Ranklist Loadouts You can now use:

  • MP40 + steering wheel
  • automatic + steering wheel
  • KAR98K + steering wheel

Josch, salvation elite ‘Roeloffs, a Call of Duty-Esports content, has disassembled the loadouts used by CDL professionals to put together the three best vanguard ranking loadouts for them. Let’s start with a classic, the MP40…

Best Vanguard Ranklist Loadouts – MP40 + Ratt

If you are a SMG player looking for something that can break the enemies close proximity, the MP40 is the perfect option. Here is the build you need to know:

  • Snout: F8 stabilizer
  • Barrel: Krausnick 317mm 04b
  • Optics: Krausnick ISO2M
  • Stock: Krausnick 33m foldable
  • underflow: SMLE pistol handle

  • Magazine: N / A
  • Ammunition type: extended
  • Rear handle: Dotted handle
  • Knowledge: Brace
  • Kit: fast

This MP40 was built in terms of speed and the accessory described above increases the movement speed and the target speed (ADS) while maintaining solid recoil control.

The selection of a secondary weapon can be difficult, but the Ratt is the page weapon preferred from the best of the CDL – you can not bring Bazooka into this playlist. If you look at the rest of the Loadout, Ninja, Radar and Double Time are the recommended benefits, and a classic combination of fragens and stuns is the best way to round off the PC player 24.

If you want to use this weapon in Warzone, you can see our guide to the best MP40 Warzone PC player 24 here.

Best Vanguard Ranklist Loadouts – Automaton + Ratt

If you are looking for an option for a storm rifle, the automaton is the best choice. Here is the recommended attachment structure:

  • Snout: F8 stabilizer
  • Barrel: Anastasia sniper
  • Optics: Slate reflector
  • Stock: Zac skeleton
  • Fall: M1941 Handstop
  • Magazine: N / A
  • Ammunition type: extended
  • Rear handle: Stuff handle
  • Knowledge: Fixed under control

Best Vanguard RANKED PLAY Class Setups ???? || Best Competitive Class Setups Call of Duty Vanguard
* Kit: at hand

When it comes to the automaton, it’s best to rely on its natural strengths at his build. This weapon will be able to beam enemies over the map, and their naturally high fire rate gives her an excellent time to kill (TTK). You can choose a different rear handle if you want a mounting that provides more recoil control, but the fabric handle is a popular choice.

Once again, the Ratt is a popular choice for the secondary weapons course of this loadout. If you are wondering what advantages this class needs are the best options forfied, radar and double time. Since many options are limited, splinter grenades and stunning grenades are the best choice in terms of litter items.

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Fancy a shooter? The KAR98K is a reliable sniper rifle and here are the essays that you should use to make the most of it:

  • Snout: F8 stabilizer
  • FASS: VDD 660M 05HE
  • Optics: N / A
  • Stock: Reisdorf wire
  • underflow: SMLE pistol handle
  • Magazine: Klauser 3 shot Mag
  • Ammunition type: extended
  • Rear handle: Stuff handle
  • Knowledge: QuickScope
  • Kit: deep breath

It is always difficult to find the right build for a sniper rifle, but you will want to have a sniper built for fast riflescobes in Vanguard Ranklists. For this reason, this KAR98K was developed to increase mobility and movement speed, with QuickScope and Deep Breath maintain the accuracy.

As with the previous loadouts, you want the Ratt pistol as a secondary weapon with frags and blend grenades as equipment. Survival training, radar and lightweight are the best benefits for this class. However, you can replace Double Time against Lightweight to increase your tactical sprint duration and speed of movement in a squat.

If the Battle Royale from Call of Duty is more your speed, you can see the best KAR98K Warzone PC player 24 here.

Well, that’s all you need to know about the best Vanguard Ranklist Loadouts for this season. TreyArch has confirmed that each new Vanguard weapon is going through an evaluation period before it is recorded in Vanguards Ranklist rules rate. This means that things can change in the future, but we will keep you up to date if this is the case.

If you are looking for information about Warzone Ranklists, we have everything you need to know and the latest rumors about this hot coveted game mode.

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