LOL: The surrealist played in competitive that left without response to two professional players

The debate of damage at League of Legends will not stop until Riot Games introduce changes in this regard. A process in which the developer has been engaged for a long time because of whose results we will still have to wait while we witnessed, from time to time, moves that show this situation. Some of them take place even in the highest seasons of the competition, arriving one of the most surreal moments in a party of the LCS Academies League.

The play that left without response to two professionals

The teams that disputed the confrontation were Cloud9 and 100 Thieves. Both came to the party in a similar qualifying situation, but it was the subsidiary of the cloud as a whole who managed to get ahead and knead a very considerable advantage. Bad news for their rivals that were still worse when they have to face a karthus with which it is practically impossible to deal with these situations.

At minute 28 of departure, Cloud9 had an advantage of 10,000 gold, had the soul of dragon Hextech and had even finished with the old man. A situation that Malice, the player who had selected Karthus, took the opportunity to achieve one of the most surreal players we have seen at the competitive League of Legends. Simply Pulsed the R to volatilize two rivals that still had the full life bar .

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It is undeniable that Cloud9 had an advantage that we rarely will see in a competitive game and Karthus is One of the League of Legends champions with more damage as accumulates objects . However, he was still extraordinary to see how the players could do nothing to avoid a cruel destination that had primed them. Even a third team member, also with the full life bar, stays little to fall before the ‘move’ of the rival of him.

Riot Games arises to carry out a setting that will reduce the damage of all League of Legends champions. The results of the first experiments that the developer has carried out have been positive, although it is not clear when they will introduce it if they are finally decided to do so.

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