No One Lives Forever in the Retrospecial: The Agent of our hearts earns a remake

Strong female lead role: an expression that is increased negatively due to nonsensical genderwap films and an increasing emotional public discussion. Therefore, we now spend dreamy about the 2000s, when women were allowed to be strong, without a discourse around them tensed. At that time Cate Archer entered the stage for the first time. In the cult game The Operative: No One Lives Forever from 2000, the young Agent’s critics like players with their charming style, while they attributable to all resistance to save the world.

In addition to the sympathetic main character, there are other reasons why we urgently need a comeback. NO ONE LIVES FOREVER (Buy Now) Attracts us with a story in the spell, which partly absurdly and partly struggling a successful bow tense and incidentally a lot of fun. The much praised title clearly clearly represents that a good action game may be both self-strong and controversial. Against the background that only a year ago Half-Life has appeared, it is impressive that NO ONE LIVES FOREVER is still evaluated fantastic. The comparison with one of the undeniable best first-person story shooters of all time is close to today.

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In the meantime, however, a common ground emerges: it exists a fantastic sequel, and for a good 20 years we wait for a third part in both rows.

60’s baby

As Cate Archer, we work for the British secret service Unity and regularly lead missions against the terrorist organization H.A.R.M. the end. Because not only kills H.A.R.M. Constantly members of Cate’s employer, no, she wants to reverse the world domination with the help of a chemical secret weapon. Of course, as a female agent, we are underestimated again and again, but despite some concerns of our superiors, we always triumph over the Oberbösen. At least of the latter, we are perceived as a serious threat, making us more often in brenzy situations.

For this purpose, we sometimes experience such unusual worlds with so clever mechanics that the game will never wear or get boring. Regularly we smile over the dialogues of our early victims before we make you the garb. Passing, in this agent shooter, is often not possible in this agent shooter, but not so easily irritated so easily, which ultimately is the only real criticism.

Technical Tips

Playing the charming and funny story is still fun today, with little not as much as 20 years ago. The slaughter mechanics, the core of such a game, is in need of so habitually that it hardly goes through as such.

With a good, error-free Schleichmechanik you know as a player, why you are recognized when. In no one Lives Forever, however, Trial & Error is often significantly more efficient than real planning, which goes back to the back.

Basically, the game explains all the mechanics and lets us try all espionage techniques in the training course. Cameras must dodge and also the corpses may not be discovered by them. They are likely to be ignored in practice from the game. And that’s a good thing, because if an opponent falls unfavorably, we will not get him away again. In addition, all the villains already see us from further distance.

More Rambo as Bond

Nevertheless, we find ourselves several times in situations again, in which we surround everything with a machine gun rambo-moderately everything moves. A rapid reaction on our part is also a duty. For all the opponents, in turn, react not only supernatural quickly and have a very good visual and hearing. You also always know where we are when the alarm has started.

All the weaknesses aside, no one Lives Forever trumps with much more important strengths. In addition to the surprisingly precise weapon feel and the amusing story, the general gameplay also snaps on the Pro page. The world is consistent, most mechanics are then well aged and the list of gadgets would not only be frozen James Bond, but also q before envy.

The weapons of a woman

The Operative: No One Lives Forever Game Movie (All Cutscenes)

Probably the best of playing a female secret assessment is the matching montur. Yes, a pistol remains a pistol, but a grenade can hide in a lipstick. A dietrich fits perfectly into a hair clip and fragrance bottles are optionally filled with sleep, stunning or poison gas. Who is not that failed enough, which uses further helpers like a robot poodle or plush slipper. _ Continue on page 2! _ Page 1 No One Lives Forever in the Retrospecial: That’s why we love Cate! – Page 1 Page 2 No One Lives Forever in the Retrospecial: That’s why we love Cate! – Page 2 Page 3 picture gallery for No One Lives Forever in the Retrospecial: That’s why we love Cate! Next page next page To the gallery to the homepage

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