“PSO2 New Jenesis” New Early Quest “Dark Fals Intercard” Delivery!

Sega Co., Ltd. has implemented various updates including the delivery of the new emergency quest “Darkfals interceptive” on the online RPG “PSO2 New Jenesis (hereinafter referred to as NGS).

Sega Co., Ltd. has implemented various updates including the delivery of the new emergency quest “Dark Fals-shelter” on the online RPG “PSO2 New Genesis (hereinafter referred to as NGS).

In addition, the introduction movie can also be published with plenty of delivery contents. Please take a look!

[4K] “PSO2 New Jenesis” February update information (2) Introduction movie: https: //youtu.be/si4wbhooiyi

# New emergency quest “Dark fals interception battle” delivery!

Dark fals that destroyed Air Town appear in Central Airio!

Since a fierce battle is expected more than ever, equipment is prepared, and it will aim to defeat the power of Arks!

In addition, defeating a darkfarse is available for a dedicated title.

You can get various titles when defeating, so let’s challenge it!

# SG scratch, new item “Diva Obsa Dessert” added!

Delivery period: February 16, 2012 (Wednesday) From the end of regular maintenance-March 16 (Wed) 11:00

We will deliver Jaryl, Moffsen cast parts, etc. to appear in the Latem Region.

The Ichiorimist for this step bonus is the center of the Avatar item and weapon camouflage of Daei Nernderef.

In the scratch number of bonuses, the item MO “Wait: confirmation” that can be changed by the waiting motion appears, so pay attention to it!

recommended item

· Slim Humer Noira

A smaller size ear of the traditional Humano Yer.

If minimal, you can adjust the ears from the front.

· * Jale i Odagger

Following Hardy’s Double Saber, Jarill’s weapon camouflage appeared.

Mohsen’s weapon camouflage is also delivered simultaneously, so let’s complete the fighter!

· Rislit scor / B

Same as a list of scratches.

It is easy to use for cool character one point.

· “The song of the battle ~ AGAINST FATE ~” (Music disc)

Music disc also added from this SG scratch to lineup!

Live mood at any time by registering to Mug.

In addition, please check the official site for details on updates.


# “NGS”

A domestic online RPG “PSO2”, which started service in 2012, is newly changed as the latest work “New Jenesis” and new appearance! ! As of September 2021, the total number of registered users in the whole world has topped 9 million.

All players are starting from Level 1 and the best to start new!

The ultimate character creature is also super evolution. Let’s make a hero of only one in the world and go in an adventure.

A variety of new systems are connected to the world of adventure and new encounters and surprises are created by various new systems, with a seamless open field where up to 32 players are going.

You can enjoy a fashionable battle with the exhilarating action of easy operation. Using new action dashes and glides, vast world will run vertically and horizontally!

A true adventure now begins.

“NGS” Opening Movie: https: //youtu.be/i8qj9kjo8mi

# “NGS” Product Overview

Product Name: PSO2 New Jennesis Compatible Model: PlayStation (R) 4, Windows PC, Cloud Version (Nintendo SwitchTM, Windows PC) Service Time: Services (Wednesday, June 9, 2021) Price: Basic Play Free (with some pay items) Genre: Online RPG manufacturer: SEGA CERO notation: D classification (17 years old or older) Copyright notice: (C) SEGA official site: https://pso2.jp

■ Company name and product name described are registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective owners.

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